Calendars: Comfort & Joy
Just another Monday morning ...

3 Cheers for the Bonnie Prince!

Bonnie princes 1 

Yesterday, the wee Prince of Cambridge - aka George, or William and Kate's boy - turned one! And to celebrate - because we're a bit English ourselves, and we have a little prince of our own - we made some wee carrot muffins for a late morning tea. (And by "tea," I really mean pear juice for the younger boys and cold coffee for me. The older boys had milk.)

Of course, Prince Little Bear had to bust out his crown for the occasion ...

Bonnie princes 9

He also practiced his newly acquired (and very prince-like) skill of pointing ...

Bonnie princes 6

 Cake, Mama ... I want cake.

Bonnie princes 10

And so ... cake was had.

Bonnie princes 2

Bonnie princes 3

Bonnie princes 7

Bonnie princes 5

It's hard work being Prince ...

Bonnie princes 8

But someboday has to do it!


Enjoy your Wednesday, my friends ...