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Pumpkin days are here again ...

Pumpkin on table 1

 I just placed this adorable pumpkin atop our bean pot in the middle of the kitchen table. And with the way the sun was coming in the window - late afternoon, slanting light - I had to grab a picture. I just love pumpkin season!

I snapped some pictures of the pumpkins I spied at local farms this weekend ... thought you might like to see them!

Pumpkins 1

Pumpkin days 1

Pumpkin days 2

Pumpkin days 3

Are you a fan of the pumpkin, my friends? Is there a special way you like to celebrate the season of the golden gourd? Perhaps a favorite pumpkin recipe you return to each year?

I know many people are crazy for those pumpkin latte drinks served at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, etc. I must admit, I like the idea (and smell) of those drinks better than I do the actual flavor. I do love a nice pumpkin scone lightly glazed with cider icing ... and I also love a thick pumpkin bisque served with grilled ham and cheddar sandwiches. A perfect supper on a crisp autumn eve!

Please drop me a note if you have a "pumpkin" thought to share (and the time to share it). I do love to hear from you!

(And before I go, I must tell you ... I was just washing my hands at the kitchen sink - cooking chicken at the moment - and I paused as I usually do to gaze out my window at the back yard. Not only is the light dimmer and lower than it has been, but the air coming in through the screen is SO cool. It definitely feels like fall is near ... and I for one am glad about that!)

Have yourselves a lovely evening ... I'll see you here again very soon!