My Thanksgiving Day Planner

Counting our Blessings (2014)

Turkey 7

Many people enjoy creating and keeping a gratitude project throughout the month of November. For parents, this can be a simple but meaningful way to share the joy of a thankful heart with our children. (And a good reminder for ourselves!)

We've enjoyed gratitude projects for many years, and I always like to tweak things a bit - stretching my creative muscle and appealing to the boys on a new level. This year I thought I'd make something very kid-friendly, colorful and fun - I was looking to involve Earlybird especially as he seems to be really coming into his own this year. Leaving the sidelines and getting into the thick of things. :) So I decided to use the the kitchen wall as a base, which is a conveniently central location. No missing this spot, no sir!

I started with the red poster board hanging between our two maps - this has been the base for our sticky note classroom calendar. I made a turkey shape out of a paper plate bottom ...

Turkey 2

EB and I colored the bottom of this plate brown, orange and gold as you see ... I then used construction paper to cut out a turkey head, beak and wattle. The eyes I drew with a black Sharpie pen on plain white adhesive labels.

Next, I cut feather shapes - one for each day in November leading up to Thanksgiving (27 this year) ...

Turkey 3

(I used a library pocket to hold the feathers-in-waiting.)

Then I used several harvest-hued post-it-notes, some round, red-rimmed labels and colorful alphabet stickers to title our project: "Blessings." The purple underscore is a length of Washi tape. Have I confessed my passion for Washi tape to you all? :)

Turkey 8

 So here's how it looked on November 1st ...

Turkey 4

And here's how it will look eventually ...

Turkey 1

Except the feathers will all be filled out with our blessings ...

Turkey 6

No blessing is too small or silly ... we write them all down!


So far so good! It's fun to add our daily feather - a really nice way to get the boys thinking about the good things that happened/they noticed. And I love all that color in my kitchen! In fact, I'm thinking this might be a great spot for our Advent calendar at the end of the month ... I'll have to give that project some thought!

Tomorrow I will show you my Thanksgiving Planning Folder ... a place to keep all my lists and clippings for the holiday!


Thanks so much for stopping by today ... hoping your Tuesday's been a good one! See you here again very soon ...