Time Flies - and Little Bear turns TWO!
June Sweetness ...

Dewdrops or Diamonds ... ?

You decide. :)

Dewdrops 2

A day of rain followed by a sunlit morning = sparkling greenery in the herb patch!

Dewdrops 1

This is Lady's Mantle, one of my favorite "green" plants.

More vibrant green to be found in these ferns which grow widely - and wildly - around here:

Ferns banner 2

Some folks find ferns rather ordinary (and perhaps a bit invasive), but I do love them. In the language of flowers they mean ~ magic, fascination, confidence and shelter. I like that they ring our property like a quiet, feathery guard.

O project 6-14 2

My younger boys "weeding" a pear tree while Bill readies a raised bed in the background. I love this picture, taken at the end of a hazy, summery day ... :)

Such is the magic of nature ... I'm just relishing these lovely June days. It's 70s and sunshine for us here all week, with very little rain. Picture-perfect blue sky, and bright green all around, warm sun and cool air, as we near the Solstice on Sunday ...

How is Summer unfolding where you live?

I hope you all have a nice Wednesday ... see you here again very soon!