How about a Planner Post ... Party? (+ a giveaway)
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Exciting Giveaway News!

Happy Sunday, my friends! I hope your weekend is as lovely as the one we're enjoying here in New England - bright, brisk and brimming with color! We just got in from a fun family hike through the woods - and there will be pictures to share, natch - but for today I am popping in with a little update on my "Planner Party," which is coming up this Friday ...

Because I have some VERY exciting GIVEAWAY news!! :)

Now, just to refresh your memory - last week I asked to hear about what your planner (or calendar) looks like these days, and how it is (or isn't) working for you. I'm really hoping to hear your input on this subject - and frustrations are as welcome as adulations! Some people love planners, whereas some folks, not so much. But we all have a life we need to manage, and I'm interested to know how you're doing just that! Details on my "planner party" are here and you can reach me by comment box or email - and pics are more then welcome!


Now here's the really fun news ...

Remember I mentioned that everyone who participates in the Planner Party is automatically entered in my Autumn Bliss giveaway? Well, I am about to sweeten the deal considerably!

My dear friend, Cay Gibson, author of several wonderful educational books, has been very busy putting together a beautiful and innovative series of planners ... and she is calling these planners:

The Seasonal Beehive

Seasonal beehive

(Isn't that just lovely?!)

Well, I am honored to announce that Cay has graciously donated the Winter Seasonal Beehive (cover, shown above) for me to offer as part of my Giveaway!!

Yes!! That means if you participate in my Planner Party and your name is chosen - you will win a package of Autumn goodies PLUS Cay's beautiful planner!!!

A bit more on the planner, in Cay's own words ...

"I want this seasonal product to compliment your favorite planner, not make it more burdensome or awkward. I want it to be more of a keepsake, something for you to look back on years from now and see those monthly praise reports and those intentional prayer requests and remember those moments you found yourself in nature and know how many times you turned to God and what you challenged yourself to do each season and what creative outlets you were intentional with, and what books and plans you spotlighted that season …
I call it a planner for lack of a better term but its primary goal is to make you focus on the things that deserve your mindfulness as you pass through each of life's seasons."

My fiends, I encourage you to take a closer look at Cay's series - I think it will be a wonderful resource for so many women looking to slow down and truly savor the seasons in a simple and meaningful way. She is currently working on the next issue (Spring), but Winter is now available (and you can see examples here). What a gift this planner would be to your busy and overwhelmed self. I think Cay's planner series will be a blessing to many!

So! I hope this makes my little "planner party" all the more enticing to you, dear readers! Remember, all you have to do is let me know what you are using for a planner/calendar these days and how you are liking it (or not). Or perhaps you are between planners - or like me, you're juggling too many planners! - and feeling frustrated as life slips through the cracks. Wherever you're at, whatever your planner looks like, I'd love to hear from you. I think this is a great topic to discuss and share ideas with each other!

You may comment here at the blog or please send me an email here:

bysunandcandle AT gmail DOT com

Pictures are welcome and I'd like all submissions by the end of the day Thursday, please. I hope to get the "Planner Party" started on Friday! I am really excited to talk about planners with you all - you know it's a favorite topic of mine, and I myself am currently somewhat frustrated with what I'm using, so I'll be eager to hear from you all!

Well I'll be off now, but I wish you all a pleasant Sunday afternoon/evening ... and I look forward to seeing you here again soon!