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Masterpiece Monday (on Wednesday!)

Indian Summers

Happy Wednesday, my friends! How's your week going so far?

I think this will be the norm, unfortunately: me posting a Masterpiece Monday - on a day that is definitely not Monday! Lol. At this time in our parenting life, Bill and I just don't have the stamina to stay up so late on a Sunday evening! Also, we are watching with our Little Bear, who definitely slows up the process! Earlybird goes to bed by 8, so we start the baking show around then, and then we try to stay up as long as we can to catch either or both Home Fires and Indian Summers. Needless to say, we'll not often be successful!

How fantastic are both these shows, though?? I am thrilled to have two new programs to look forward to each week. I think we can swing watching one show each night and I will aim to get a reaction post up by mid-week. 

Also, I find I need to re-watch the episodes to catch it all - we often miss things when our toddler is dancing in front of us or demonstrating his dinosaur roaring skills. (And really, who would miss out on that?) So if you'll bear with me, I would love to share my initial thoughts on these shows and would REALLY love to hear what you all thought!

(Spoilers ahead!)

Home fires

Home Fires

Oh I am just adoring this show already. ADORING it! I love the look, the feel, the setting, the characters ... I think we're in for a very good show here. And how lovely to see so many familiar faces from Downton and other British shows! I find it interesting to observe pre-war (WWII) England - how some of them are in denial about what's coming, and how much the first world war haunts them and weighs on their minds. Who do you like so far? I'm loving that cow-woman, lol - the one who said she didn't want to join but showed up with a cartload of ladies, anyway! She's going to be fun. And the sweet housemaid, Claire, who was fired by the ahem rather cranky old rich lady, Mrs. Cameron - fired for speaking up, mind you! - but then hired by the fantastic Frances Barden. I like her moxie. :) But I wanted to smack that flirtatious Spencer - "Officer Wilson" I should say - for yanking her around like that. After fixing her bike and showing a real interest ... but perhaps that was his sister whom he promised a drink ... ? I guess we'll have to wait and see. This will be a six part series, so we have a lot more to look forward to!

Now, onto ...

Indian summers 2

Indian Summers

Well, this is definitely an intriguing show! There is so much going on, and we only know half of the story ... the plot continues to pull me in, even if I'm not sure I know what's what, and the setting is just gorgeous. (As is much of the cast!) So this week we saw a little tension between Alice and Ralph - they have an odd sibling dynamic, which I guess can be understood since they've been apart for so many years - and maybe a connection between Alice and Aafrin. I definitely see a relationship between those in the near future (a forbidden one, I assume) even though he does seem to love his sweetheart, Sita. I'm a bit confused about why they can't be together - Aafrin and Sita, I mean - is it because of religion or class or both? His mother absolutely refused to speak to her, but apparently she is/was his sister's friend. I do like Aafrin very much - he seems noble and good-hearted, and goodness is he good looking! Also good looking, in a whole different way, is Ralph ... but boy, does he have some baggage. What on earth is going on with him? Is he using Madeleine (for more than one thing, I mean)? And what is his deal with Cynthia, the owner of the club. Is she like a mother to him - they're obviously close - but with an agenda, certainly ... 

(Question - Madeleine lied about her age as indicated by the pilfered medical files Cynthia shows Ralph. Am I right in thinking she's significantly older than she's presented herself?)

Sarah (wife to missionary, Doug) is A PILL and I can see she's going to wreak havoc on Alice's life. And probably her husband's as well  ... what do you think about him? Is he having an affair with Leena (the beautiful orphanage employee)? Perhaps emotional if not (yet) physical.

 And what on earth was the deal with the man who shot Aafrin - his name eludes me, the older man in jail? What was the connection between him and Ralph - what on earth was Ralph doing? Framing him? Setting him up? Letting him die with "dignity?"

It's all a bit confusing - and this is why I need to re-watch the episodes! - but that's ok, I can be patient. I have a feeling this one will be worth the slow unraveling! So those are my thoughts on these new shows so far ... if you have time, I'd love to hear yours!

But thanks as always for stopping by and reading ... I will see you here again very soon!