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Wordless Wednesday ...

Menu Monday

(It's Tuesday, I know, but I'm rolling with it!)

So here are this week's dinner menus, which are subject to change because Mama has a head cold ...


Monday, October 12th (Columbus Day)

lasagna, salad, garlic bread


Tuesday, October 13th

chicken cacciatore (crockpot) over leftover rice, butter leaf salad, toasted rolls


Wednesday, October 14th

grilled turkey cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, apple coleslaw


Thursday, October 15th

butternut squash pasta with alfredo sauce, grilled apple-chicken sausages, mixed greens salad (from today's farm share)


Friday, October 16th

homemade pizzas, caesar salad, apple cobbler


Saturday, October 17th

nitrate-free hot dogs, baked beans, roasted autumn vegetables, brown bread


Sunday, October 18th (St. Luke)

chicken fajitas, Spanish rice, virgin sangria, autumn fruit & caramel dipping sauce




Now, most of the lasagna went back to BC with our Bookworm - but there was plenty left behind to serve as an easy lunch for the boys today. And the chicken is doing its thing in the crockpot - smells amazing! - which is quite nice. 

What are you cooking today?

Well my friends, I hope your week is going smoothly so far and that you are all feeling healthy and well. Both Earlybird and I are down-for-the-count with a head cold, and I am reminded that being prepared (with home remedies) and taking precautions (with hyper-hygiene and immunity boosting) at this time of year is a really smart idea. Time to revisit THAT section of my planner ...

Speaking of planners, I'd like to remind you all that I am still asking for comments and emails ahead of Friday's Party - and I am so pleased that many of you have already left/sent your comments/thoughts/pics! Every submission is appreciated so much!


Email can be sent to bysunandcandle AT gmail DOT com

(Before Thursday evening, if you please.)

And now I'm off to sit with my little one and coax him to sleep ... a rapidly cooling cup of tea at my side and maybe a few citrus drops ... a rainy morning has turned into a mild and mostly sunny afternoon. There's a soft breeze coming through the crack in my window ... smells of foliage and earth ... and those wet golden leaves are just sparkling in the slanted light ...

Fall is truly a beautiful time of year - head colds and all!

See you again very soon!