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Planner Party Guest Post Number 11: Elizabeth!

{Happy Thursday, my friends! Our last planner guest post is by Elizabeth!}


Hi Dawn,
Love your blog!! I have three boys ... oldest is in college (Ga Tech), then 11th grader (who may be going to College of the Holy Cross next year, early -- we homeschool) and our youngest is 12.
Here are some photos of a wonderful planner I found on Amazon, published by Tools4Wisdom. It keeps me focused on daily and weekly goals that I might not even set in my MIND if I hadn't been promoted to write them down! It's really been helpful to me.
Planner party elizabeth 1

I love the generous space for daily schedules as our schedule is unique each day, and changes occur sometimes during the day itself, or the night before! This helps me keep track of all those details and the vertical time slots help me visualize the day more clearly. 
Planner party elizabeth 2

It's made with very nice paper, and it's a good size all together. 
Planner party elizabeth 3
Planner party elizabeth 4
Planner party elizabeth 5
 Hope this was informative! :)
Elizabeth Kay
Elizabeth, thank you so much for this peek into your planner - one I'd never heard of before! - and for your kind words. :) Now, I'm a funny one about planner layouts - I can fall in love with a simple, unadorned layout ... as easily as I can fall in love with a colorful, embellished one. I can never decide which one is my true planner personality though, lol! I like the clean look of this planner and the weekly layout is great - especially the space allotted to the daily timetable and the spaces for recording to-do's (by priority).
Also, I have to say, that cover is gorgeous ... :)
My friends, I hope you will leave Elizabeth a note about her planner! What are your feelings on planner design - do you like a clean palette like this, or do you prefer something with color? I find the former works better for me "practically" speaking, but my personality just craves that COLOR and seasonal spirit. There should be one of those little internet quizzes where in 10 questions you find out what your true planner style is, lol.
Oh, I have had SUCH fun with all these planner posts! And I'm so glad it seems you all have, too! Thank you so much to all who have participated ... tomorrow I will have my own planner post up ... and you all have given me courage to share just how NUTS I am with these planners. So many planners -  no matter how hard I try, I can't keep it to one! And it promises to be a rather lengthy post - no surprise there, right? - as so far I'm over 20 pictures at last count!
Thanks for joining me, everyone - see you here again bright and early tomorrow!