Planner Party ~ Important Note!
Planner Party Guest Post Number Four: Amy!

Planner Party Guest Post Number Three: Michelle!

{Happy Monday, my friends! I'm so pleased to present today's Planner Party post ... brought to you by Michelle!}

Hi Dawn,

Thank you for doing a planner post! I always love to see what other people are using. I bought my planner recently after you showed us your new
daily planner from target. I bought it at the suggestion of one of your readers. I am happy with the way the sections are broken down and I LOVE that there
is a place that helps me to menu plan for the week. Honestly, it is also useful to see what night each dinner was cooked and if it is time to recreate it into
another dish or toss out. I think the shopping list section is good too because I can cut out each list as I am ready to take it to the store with me. The task section for 
the week helps me to see what needs to be done for the week. I feel like I have really accomplished something when I am able to mark things off that list. There are
sections for projects, other information such as address and phone numbers, and bigger tasks (other than the daily one that is shown) that is useful as well. But 
my most favorite part is the Bible verse for each week. It encourages me and helps me to stay in God's word. My only complaint is that I wish the daily sections were 
bigger and that the paper used was much thicker. The paper is thin and can tear easily. Not sure if I will stay with this one. I like that you are always tweaking yours
and seeking out new ways to make your families lives run smoothly. My planner stays on my countertop and I refer to it often throughout the day. My sister has 
encouraged me to use my iphone planner, but I guess I am just old school. I love the pen and paper method.


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Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your planner with us! I love the way you are using it ... it seems to be a very complete planner - love the project planning pages and the shopping lists - and I appreciate that that the weekly spread makes space for to-do's AND menus! (I even like the little monthly calendar with the current week highlighted - handy!) I also like planners that feature inspiration - such as uplifting Scripture or interesting quotes or even seasonal notes. That is something I would definitely work into my own planner if I ever get around to finalizing one. (I have so many notes and layouts and "prototypes" ... I just have to commit, lol!) I really think planners should be as lovely as they are functional - that they should remind us of what is important, not just what needs tending. :)

Thank you, also, for sharing a filled-out week at a glance. I love seeing how people fill out their planners, and that could be just because I'm nosy, but I do find it helpful to see what people are writing down in those spaces. I also really love the "look" of your planner, and the convenient size ... though I hear you on the paper-feel. Paper is so important! I have found a couple of planners at - of all places - Stop N Shop, and I LOVE the feel of the paper! It can make such a difference to paper-product people such as ourselves. The Day Designer paper is ok - a bit thick and stiff when turning pages, which drives me just a little bit nuts ... but I'm determined to see if I can make it work. I follow a Day Designer fan page on Facebook and am enthralled with how much people love their DD's!

Ok, friends - I'd love to hear your thoughts on Michelle's planner and how you use your planner for encouragement as well as efficiency. If you have time, please drop her a note in the comment box below ... and I will be back tomorrow with another guest planner post!

(This is so fun, don't you think?)


p.s. And since you asked, Michelle - *grin* - yes, I am still working on my book! Every little chance I get ... which is not as often as I'd like, but such is life at the moment! I am hoping to have something ready to share by early next year! :)