Planner Party Guest Post Number Two: Tracey!
Planner Party Guest Post Number Three: Michelle!

Planner Party ~ Important Note!

Dear Friends,

This is just a quick note about planner party emails ...

I’ve heard from one person whose email I never received. Unfortunately, she used my old blog email address (comcast) so I never got her planner pics … :(

Here are the names of the people whose email I did receive and whose “guest posts” I’ll be sharing over the next week or so:

Kelly B, Tracy B, Michelle P, Amy B, Mary L, Denise H, Katie BH, Tanya W, Elizabeth P ...

If you sent me an email and don’t see your name listed, it’s possible you used my old address - but I hope you'll consider resending! I'm afraid the giveaway is over, but I'd still love to include you in our Planner Party queue! I think we're having lots of fun sharing planner pics and methods ... :)

My current blog email is:

bysunandcandle AT gmail DOT com

Thanks so much, and enjoy your Sunday, everyone!