From Nest to Nest ... ❤
My Thanksgiving Tea Journal, 2015

From Nest to Nest ... ❤

Blessings to all on this beautiful Sunday! How is the weather where you are today?

Truth be told, it's a rather gloomy day here in New England - damp, chilly, gray. Possibly THE perfect nesting weather! Well my friends, I'm here this afternoon to share another lovely cozy corner with you, and this one is from Mic ...

Please enjoy!



Seeing so many wonderful cosy corners inspired me to neaten up my own nest. It's located in the family "study" room and consists of an old comfy couch, my work table for crafts and sewing, and a basket with magazines, my planner, and a book.
Cozy corner mic 1
I keep my most often used desk/craft supplies on a rolling cart that I can easily move from room to room ...
Cozy corner mic 2
It's definitely the season for curling up, drinking tea, lighting a candle, and counting one's blessings.
Cozy corner mic 3
Warm regards from snowy Russia!  
~ Mic
Oh my gosh, do I love this cozy room, Mic! Thank you so much for sharing it! The colors are so fun - I love a neutral foundation with pops of color, especially red. Red is so cozy! And that soft blue of your cart is beautiful, too ... that's a color I associate with crafts and organization. (I think it's a Martha thing, lol.) In fact, I absolutely LOVE that rolling cart, period! I would love to have something like that for storing all my doo-dads and rolling that cart wherever I find myself working/playing/creating. You must take so much comfort from this room and find it such a joy to settle into ... you've got my wheels turning!
Friends, where are you nesting these days? We'd love to see it! Please send me your pics and thoughts at:
bysunandcandle AT gmail DOT com
This will be an ongoing series this autumn and winter ... sharing ideas for making our nests a little cozier throughout the cold months ... inside and out!
And please "tune in tomorrow" for my afternoon Thanksgiving Tea. I think it should be a good time!
See you here again very soon ...