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Masterpiece Monday: Downton Abbey, 6.2

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Happy Monday, my friends! A blustery start to the week here in New England ... and snow on the way tomorrow ... but enough with the weather, here we go with episode two!

And, as usual, there are SPOILERS ahead! You have been warned ... ;)


Ok ...

So, the wedding between Carson and Hughes - it's coming up and soon! Like, next episode, maybe? Anyway, now that they've gotten the important things taken care of (their feelings for each other, and hopes for their marriage) the reception venue is causing some strife ... and I can honestly see both sides. At first I was like - Oh for goodness sakes, Carson get over these people! Marry Elsie somewhere where you can relax and be yourselves! Let her have her day!

But then ... it really does mean something to him, doesn't it? This house and this family - where they met and live out their days - and while Mrs. Hughes doesn't want to marry there, he really doesn't want to marry just anywhere. Well, he really wants to marry at Downton, to be sure. And of course, Mrs. Hughes bristled a bit at Lady Mary's "generosity" ... we all know Carson has a particular soft spot for Lady Mary, so this should prove a rather delicate situation going forward. I will be very eager to see how it all resolves!

Now, Mary as Agent ... I am loving it because it really does make the best use of her assets! She was born to be in charge, lol! She does rather like to dispense advice though, doesn't she? In this episode, to Carson, Anna and even her godfather, Lord Merton - giving him a bit of (false) hope in regards to Mrs. Crawley.

But do you know what? I really wish Edith would tell her that Marigold is her daughter - Mary's own niece, for goodness sakes! The parents both know the truth, but they fear Mary would "use" this information against Edith. (What a realization to accept about your own children! No, not children - grown women!) But we all know Mary has her own skeletons tucked tidily away - Robert knows that, as does Cora - so why wouldn't they impress upon her that it is in her - everyone's - best interest to accept the truth and leave things alone? If for nothing else, they should stand up to Mary for Edith's sake! They can exert some influence over Mary can't they? Why would they be just let it pass that Mary can be (and often is) so cruel to Edith?

That scene with Marigold gone missing was tough to watch. I know it was brief and we all knew who had her pretty much right away and since this was Downton Abbey and not CSI:Yorkshire I figured it would all end OK. But it tugged on my mama heartstrings, this scene ... for Mrs. Drewes, to be honest. I felt bad for her and her loss. SHE should be told the truth, if Mary never is ... it would give her peace at least, I think, to know Marigold is growing up with her own relations.

And poor Thomas, my heart breaks for him. He's so sure no one is on his side. Such a lonely man. Why are they all being so (unintentionally I presume) unkind? Are they afraid he'll make moves on the new footman? Are they harboring resentment over past behavior? Has he not redeemed himself? I liked it when Baxter told Moseley that she was kind to Barrow despite the fact he wouldn't return the favor. She knows that means he needs it all the more. She's a lovely woman with a very good heart.

And the hospital "situation" is moving forward ... I find the lines being drawn interesting, but not surprising. I am glad to see Cora getting involved, though - let's give Cora something to do! She simpers an awful lot but she wield power when she chooses to, and she sneaks in little comments here and there ... sometimes in a motherly tone and other times with a gentle reminder that she is, after all, American. :)

Robert has not always been my favorite character (I STILL haven't forgiven him for his near-discretion with that maid, Jane or whatever her name was) but I love when he treats people - of all stations - well. His kindness to the Drewes was wonderful. If that family moves on (as it seems they should, given Mrs. Drewes strong attachment to Marigold) would this possibly be a place for Mr. Mason? Could this be Cora's plan, the one she mentioned to Daisy?

And then we have Anna, seeking out medical help - with Mary's benevolent intervention - for her infertility. Bill asked me if this was a procedure women still had done today or if it was something the medical community came to realize was unwise. (Like so many other early interventions.) I told him I am not sure, myself ... I do know some women can't carry an established pregnancy due to womb issues, but I don't know if stitching is still the prescribed remedy. That would suggest a more structural problem rather than hormonal, I think? Anyway ... I'm hoping it be a blessing for Anna and that she and Bates - in one way or another - will find happiness as parents.

(I really enjoyed the scene in Mary's bedroom when Anna was helping "m'lady" dress for dinner - first of all, what a gorgeous room. That felt like such a sentimental scene, looking back - when Mary said "You've earned it fair and square. Keeping my secrets. Hiding that fearful Dutch thingamajig and carrying poor Mr. Pamuk down the gallery at the dead of the night." That was such a sweet and funny moment between them - filled with reminiscence.

Now, what am I forgetting then? Hmm. Oh yes! I wanted to mention again, the look of the show ... as lovely as ever. Of course the plot is always absorbing but I just cannot get over how beautiful the series is once agin, this year. The scenery for one thing, but especially the way they are dressing the main (upstairs) cast. I am just loving all the fabrics and styles and shades and the hair-dos. What a feminine time in fashion history! (Aside from the menswear look, that was big, too - but still done softly and prettily.) That scene at the Fat Stock Show (what a name, lol!) was all done in such gorgeous tones ... everyone matched - even the buildings and pig pens!

Now, in closing -  here is my favorite line this week, and it was said by Isobel Crawley:

"I'll come with you. We must give them time to gnash their teeth alone."



Thank you, my friends, for stopping by and I would love to hear your thoughts on Downton this week! I hope to see you here tomorrow for tea, but I will see where the day takes me!

Blessings to all, and see you again soon!