Advent Tea with Friends ... December 13th ❤
Advent Tea with Friends ... December 15th

Advent Tea with Friends ... December 14th ❤

Advent tea with friendsHello my friends, and Happy Wednesday! Thank you so much for joining me for another teatime. :)

All throughout Advent I'll be sharing readers' favorite cups and mugs, every weekday at 4 p.m. ... and returning on Fridays with my own special Tea post. Anyone who participates will be entered in my "Winter Comforts Basket" giveaway ... and on New Year's Eve I will announce the basket winner!

(p.s. Each Friday I give a little peek at something that will be tucked inside that basket!)

If you'd like to join us, please read more giveaway details in this post - but for today it's time to make ourselves comfortable at Kimberly's ... ☕️

It is a cool, rainy Saturday afternoon here in Texas, perfect for enjoying a few reflective moments over the Country Living Christmas Edition (UK) with a cup of my favorite Harney & Sons Holiday Spice tea and some yummy cookies ...

Tea kimberly

I love taking moments like these during the holidays to unwind from all the going and making and planning. The coffee cup is one of a set of four with matching dessert plates, a Christmas present from my step-daughter a few years back. I save this set specifically for this time of year and special moments like these. It's always nice to have these simple personal traditions to look forward to this time of year! 


I agree completely, Kimberly! This picture is just everything I love about this special season ... December days can be so dark, but our inner lights keep things bright and cozy. There might be something warm to drink, something special to eat, something to inspire and refresh our tired minds ... "simple personal traditions," as you say, Kimberly, that bring such comfort and joy. I love your china and that particular tea is a favorite of mine, too! And I think everyone who reads here regularly knows my feelings on British Country Living! :)

Now because I know Kimberly and I share a love of "vintage" things, and because I'm a little bit nosy, I poked around a bit and came upon this lovely display ...

Kimberly's victorian cards

Isn't that gorgeous? I absolutely love to collect greeting cards (especially vintage and seasonal ones) and this would be a great way to enjoy them! I'd love to know where you find yours, Kimberly - I know of one nice resource, the Victorian Trading Company. Readers, do you have any other "vintage" paper suggestions?

Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your Advent with us, Kimberly! And friends, thanks to all of you for joining us here at teatime ... I hope these posts are a little bright spot in your day. ❤ 

I'll be back tomorrow to share another friend's Tea and then on Friday, it will be time for my own weekly post, the "Animals' Advent" Tea ... :)
Have yourselves a wonderful Wednesday and ... see you here again very soon!