Advent Tea, Week 3 ~ Finding Joy in Creation ❤
Advent Tea with Friends ... December 20th ❤

Advent Tea with Friends ... December 19th ❤

Advent tea with friendsHello my friends, and Happy Monday! Thank you so much for joining me for another 4:00 teatime. :)

All throughout Advent I'll be sharing readers' favorite cups and mugs, every weekday at 4 p.m. ... and returning on Fridays with my own special Tea post. Anyone who participates will be entered in my "Winter Comforts Basket" giveaway ... and on New Year's Eve I will announce the basket winner!

p.s. Each Friday I give a little peek at something that will be tucked inside that basket! So far there's been soap, body butter, a pocket calendar and a pretty mug as well as a tin of cocoa and a small blue notebook ... wonder what this Friday's post will bring? :)

If you'd like to join us, please read more giveaway details in this post - but for today, let's push the pause button on our day and enjoy a little refreshment together. Happily, today we have not just one friend to visit ... but three! Let's pop in at Melyssa's, Shaquanna's and Kelly's ... :)

Melyssa: I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to dig out my old teapot and put it to use with a monthly tea subscription I signed up for recently ...

Tea melyssa

I am making a daily ritual of it and really enjoying it!


Shaquanna: I have so many favorite mugs, many being pop culture. Here is my newest one, not necessarily pop culture, but if you look carefully there is an Easter egg in this photo. This is a smaller frame of my larger set up when I was watching the last episode in the new Gilmore Girls series. 

Tea shaquanna

I LOVE this polka dot mug. It's so heavy and thick and just makes me happy. I was drinking sparkling apple cider, which when I noticed it was almost empty in the photo poured some more.



Kelly: I really wanted to pretty up my picture but it is more real to let it be plain and simple because that is just how things are right now. The Christmas mug is from my 11yo son who purchased it for me a few weeks ago at a white elephant sale - he said it was for our tea times! And the blue mug belonged to my grandma (who just passed away right before Thanksgiving) and I have been enjoying drinking from it ...
Tea kelly

I also inherited three lovely tea cups from her as well (maybe I can share those some other time). The good news is that after trying for a long time, I have finally learned to like tea! (As long as there is enough honey in it!). As someone who loves British literature and enjoyed Downton Abbey, I simply *had* to figure out a way! :) It has become a nightly ritual lately that I fix a cup for my husband and for myself.  


Thank you so much for sharing your tea (and cider!) with us ladies. Your cups are lovely as are your thoughts on the ritual of tea. I hope you each of you are enjoying your Advent. :)
And thanks to everyone for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed our teatime. I just love hearing from you all and seeing your mugs ... imagining we're truly sitting down together, chatting over a cup of something warm and comforting. I fear I fell a bit behind these last several (busy) days with my replies so if you've sent me a submission and haven't heard back, I apologize! I will be catching up this week ... :)
Dear friends, I'd love to have you join us ... please drop a note if you have a moment and send me your own favorite cup when you have a chance!
(drhanigan AT gmail DOT com)
I'll look forward to hearing from you ... 
There will be more "Tea with Friends" posts this week, each day at 4 p.m. And then on Friday I will be back with my final Advent Tea Post ("Happy Hearts at Home") ... only to pick right up again the following week for a series of Christmas teas! We'll continue right up until the day before New Year's Eve ... just before I announce the winner of that basket!
(Hard to believe we're now talking New Year's! But goodness, it's not far away ...)
Well, thanks so much for stopping by, everyone. Enjoy your evening and I will see you all here again very soon!