Autumn Tea Feed

Thursday Tea ~ on the Feast of St. Francis

Our family patron saint. :)


Squeezed in a little teatime today ... a cup of orange-spice herbal tea (very autumnal and soothing on a dark and rainy afternoon). This brown and white mug, in its rustic simplicity, seemed quite Fransiscan to me. :)

Tonight for dinner ... Italian, of course! Stuffed shells and sauce with meatballs, fried zucchini and soft crusty rolls. All of it from a local (and favorite) Italian market/bakery. A splurge to be sure, but very welcome on a day like today.

Here is our Nature & Faith Corner, as it looks this week ...

St francis tea 2

(It's such a dark day! I took this picture at noontime while I made the boys lunch.)

Well my friends, I must be off. I'm sorry I've been so slow in posting and commenting lately - I'm really dragging this week and finding it tough to keep up. I hope you are all well and are enjoying your autumn so far. Thanks so much for stopping by today ... I'll be back here again very soon!

A New Season of Tea ... on Tuesdays!

(But sometimes Wednesdays.)

TT 3

Happy MidWeek, my friends!

I'm so happy to get back to my weekly tea posts ... I really had such fun with them last year! My schedule this fall is a bit busier than it was last year, but I'll try not to let that deter me ... in fact, I think I'll need that weekly "tea hour" all the more!

So my "tea" today focused on cold cider, not hot tea, in honor of Johnny Appleseed Day (and the mild weather). I took my mug and goodies out to the deck to enjoy alongside the gusty wind and shifting sun ...

TT 2

The cider was so crisp and tart-sweet, just right for this lovely fall day.

Now, when I "take tea" I like to gather up some fun and pretty things to look over or maybe just look at. :)

Today I had a few new books to peruse ...

For EB, two B&N clearance specials:

Squirrel's Fall Search and Goonight, Mouse ... sweet, autumnal animal stories.

And for me, a library find: The Happiest Mom ... mostly because I loved the look of the book!

... as well as ...

A recent Amazon splurge: Williams-Sonoma Family Meals: Creating Traditions in the Kitchen ... because it's just gorgeous and filled with great recipe ideas.

Rounding out my tea "atmosphere" today was a lovely pocketbook that once belonged to my grandmother. I just love the vibrant embroidery, set against the dark chocolate background ...

 TT 4

 (And I couldn't help but notice how nicely my new nail polish ("Angora Cardi") matched my "new" purse.)

TT 5


My friends, if you're taking tea, what's your brew of choice these days? Do you like the same thing year-round, or do you change it up according to season? I'm always looking for new "tea" ideas!

Have a great night, everyone ... see you here again very soon!