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Happy Hosting: A Book-Themed Baby Shower!

Shower 38

Hello my friends and Happy Monday! :)

So you know how I've been a bit MIA lately? And my posting has been a bit slow? Well, we've been very (happily) busy here over the past couple of weeks, working towards a special family project! There has been LOTS of spring cleaning - as in, my house has never been cleaner! - and crafting and preparing for a very special baby shower - my cousin Kate is due with her first baby in May! 

I had such fun helping my aunt and cousin and mum get everything ready - and yesterday was THE day! And oh, what a beautiful day it was! Bright and mild, with that hint of spring around the corner ... I would love to share some TONS of pictures with you if I may. This is a very long post (even by my standards) but I get a little carried away when it comes to entertaining ... and babies ... and books!

So the menu was all tied into children's books, as were the decorations and even the invitations and favors (library cards!), and I had such fun setting up little book corners around the house. This was a great shower theme, but would also make a nice birthday party for a child who loves reading and/or trips to the library! (And honestly, I could see this done on an adult level as well ... so many books feature food in some way.) 

Shower (kara's) 2

 Here is the foyer table, set up with springy things and a basket of favors. I had fun arranging this little tableau! In addition to books "reading rubber duckies" figured into the decor ...

Shower 37

(My cousin and her husband are both librarians!)

Shower 19

And here are the lovely ladies of the day: hostesses Kara and Auntie Marcia, flanking mama-to-be, Kate!

Shower (Kara's) 3

The living room mantel featured a farm theme. My aunt and mum made the garland - pages from an old children's book about farm animals pinned to a twine "clothesline." I arranged our wooden farm animals and several board books on the mantelpiece above.

Here's a closer look ...

Shower 2


The front windowsill featured another fun book banner made by Mum and Marcia, as well as lots of favorite hardcovers ... beloved titles by Gyo Fujikawa, Elsa Beskow, Tasha Tudor, Will Moses, etc. 

Shower windowsill

I also nestled our wooden elements in amongst the books to lend a pop of color.

A side window held more wooden animals (barely seen in this picture, tucked behind the forsythia) as well as favorite books about owls and foxes.

Shower 3

You can just see the corner of the notebook I used to write down Kate's gifts!

Shower 45

Yet another window, filled with more favorite books! (Can you imagine how excited I was when Marcia and Kara told me the theme of the shower?!)

I'm jumping ahead a bit, but desserts and coffee were set out in the dining room ...

Shower (kara's) 1

Here are some of the goodies matched with their books ...

Shower 31

Sweet (delicious) cupcakes = If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.

Shower 32

Fresh, fruity salad = Each Peach, Pear, Plum (a book I read to Kate and Kara when they were little!).

Shower 33

Madeleines for Madeline ... 

Shower 30

Coffee and tea on the sideboard in the background ...

Now, out to the sunroom ... :)

Shower (kara's) 7

A table spread with delicious appetizers (my cousin, who works in catering is a fabulous cook!) and more books - a corn dip (Raccoons and Ripe Corn),  tea sandwiches - cucumber-lemon and chicken salad (Miss Spider's Tea Party), a crudite platter (The Carrot Seed, The Secret Garden, Eating the Alphabet) and a cheese board (The Stinky Cheese Man).

And here's the bar ...

Shower 17

Plenty of wine, water, soda and a tasty punch ....

Shower 40

Aka, Lemonade for Sale. :)

Shower 4

It was such a bright day, I loved how everything sparkled in the sunlight!

Shower 18

Rubber duckies in a bowl full of marbles and water ... cute!

Shower 51

The rooms filled out nicely as guests arrived ...

Shower 35

My mum (Aunt Mo to Kate and Kara) and my Aunt Pat, catching up ... 

Shower 42

The adjoining family room was a great place for cocktails and conversation (and cartoons, if you were so inclined).

Shower 5

Books here, too - more favorite hardcovers, standing up on desks and on the windowsill.

And what did Little Bear think about all this?

Shower 8

Well, his house was filled with women who were not Mama and there were a lot of things he couldn't touch ... but luckily his big brother Crackerjack had him playing outside for most of the day!

Now into the kitchen ...

Shower (kara's) 5

Another buffet here ...

Shower 16

Mini quiches for Green Eggs and Ham ...

Shower 15

(Three Little) Pigs in Blankets ...

Shower 12

Sweet Chili Meatballs (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and a pretty bowl of mixed nuts (Woody, Hazel and Little Pip).

(Also not shown - Honey Almond Baked Brie for Winnie the Pooh. Soooo yummy!)

And then it was time for presents! We all gathered in the living room to watch Kate open her gifts ...

Shower 20

Shower 25

Shower 21

Shower 23

Shower 28

Shower 29

A sweet stuffed elephant from the daddy-to-be's mom, with a photo of said daddy holding his own elephant many years ago! 

Speaking of ...

Shower 36

The parents-to-be, Kate and Paul!

This was SUCH a fun day, and I was so thrilled to be part of it! And I thank you all for taking the time to read and let me share my pictures. I would love it if all of you would keep Kate and Paul and their little one in your prayers? 

And you know what? We got our house super clean and now it all feels so nice. I have resolved to keep things as close to this level as possible ... at least through Easter, lol! Another curious thing - a couple of days before the shower, I packed up all my planning materials and placed them in a closet. All I kept out was a clipboard with the to-do list. I needed to be laser-focused on shower prep! So now I'm eager to get my things back to the command center - though I'm loathe to add clutter to these nice clear surfaces. I do need my stuff ... only ... I'm really wondering exactly WHAT needs to come back out. What did I miss? What planning tools are essential and which are extraneous? How can I organize things as I bring them out of "hiding?" Clearly, this all bears some thought!

So stay tuned, and as always, I thank you so much for stopping by. I will see here again very soon!

November Nightfall

It comes so early now ... the night. And some might say too early, but it's all just part of that rhythm. Outside there's a fading of color and a sharpness to the air ... while inside we have our lights burning and there are extra blankets on the beds. At this time of year the comforts of home seem all the more comforting, but the outside is still welcoming too, especially on evenings like these ...

November sunset 1

November sunset 2

November sunset 7

November sunset

November sunset 3

November sunset 4

Sunset, 4:20 p.m. Sunday. Just before the Patriots Game.


How wonderful for a little one to get all rosy-cheeked and leaf-littered on a cool autumn evening ... then to come inside for a warm bath and a good supper before bed. I love teaching my children to appreciate our days in ALL seasons and by "teaching" I mean, sharing my own joy right alongside them. That's the best lesson, I think - what we show them. Because those little eyes watch us so closely! Little Bear might not read his mama's blog yet, but I know he can read my moods ...

You know, I've been working on that book of mine, and trying to figure out just where I'm going with it ... getting distracted sometimes, or maybe even a little defeated ... but when I look back at this post, I can see it. This is what makes me tick, and this is where I zoom in: on the simple, little joys ... the easy, homey comforts. Every week brings something new to learn and share ...

As organic as it seems it should be to just follow the seasons and accept nature's rhythm, I find that Life As We Know It often gets in the way. So I create a little structure - weekly themes and file folders - and hope that by planning ahead we'll make more of the moment. The seasons pass so quickly - not to mention the years! So this week we're watching our world get sleepy and dark and we're feeling grateful for things like light and warmth (and peace) ... in nature we're observing a fallen log and exploring the tart curiosity of cranberries, while baking breads to bring to neighbors across town ... 

November days - are they dark? Yes, they can be. But dull? No, they don't have to be. There's much to be thankful for and so many ways to explore this big, blessed world. It is my hope to highlight these joys in each week of the year ... to work them into my "plans" so they become more than just ideas, but actions ... and then to share them all with my family, and you!

So anyhow ... that's where I'm at right now. I mostly just wanted to share all these happy photos and then I got carried away. (You all know how I get.) And now I'm watching another (early) sunset, lighting a candle on our seasons shelf, and conjuring some good smells in the kitchen ...

And putting the laptop down, for now. But I'll be back here again sometime soon ...

(Good Night!)

Pondering Project Planning ...

Confirmation outfit 1

Next month Crackerjack will make his Holy Confirmation, so I've been scrambling about checking suit sizes, dress shoes, ties and belts, etc., but it occurred to me ... we'd need something "spiffy" for our littlest man to wear, too! Well, I happened to be at Babies 'R Us yesterday (buying - what else - diapers, lol?) and saw these dapper duds on sale ... so how could I resist? I just had to share this with you all because I thought you might get a kick out of it ... :)

But also, I'd like to ask you all a question this morning about project planning:

How/where do you plan out Projects?

CJ's Confirmation, as I mentioned, is happening next month and naturally there's much to do to get ready. He's been preparing for two years, and we've had to keep track of his requirements ... there have been papers and signatures and essays and memos with important dates. And then there's the Big Day itself! A late morning Mass will be followed by a rather large celebration at our house ... so, all in all, it's a sizeable project to plan out and prepare for!

So my question is, where would you keep a project plan for an event like this? A project that requires checklists, goals, delegation, follow-up, brainstorming, etc.?

Other project examples:

A birthday party

Thanksgiving Dinner

A yard sale ... or bake sale

A move/house sale

A vacation

A home business idea

A room makeover


A new heath regime

I'm always stumped when it comes to storing project plans, and I've tried a lot of different locations:

In a special notebook devoted just to project planning.

In a separate binder where I can also stash loose papers and whatnot.

On a clipboard.

In the file crate, in a folder marked, "Projects."

In my master binder, behind a "Projects" tab.

In the seasonal binder to which the project belongs (if it's timely).

Now, I realize - as usual - I'm probably overthinking things, but I thought I'd ask for my readers' thoughts on this topic ... because I love hearing how other people organize things!

If you have a moment please let me know where you plan your projects and all the stuff that goes along with it!

{I know I keep talking about "posts to come" about my planning - seasonal, weekly, home education, nature study, etc. - and I do promise they're coming. I'm just trying to get it all straight before I begin my "show and tell!" :) Currently I'm in the midst of re-tooling my tools and re-thinking how I use them. I do love me some binders and planners and notebooks and folders, but I'm realizing that perhaps keeping things all in one place is more realistic for me. I'm trying not to overstuff my master binder, but it is convenient to keep things right at my fingertips.}

Well, I'd best wrap up and be off and get this day rolling. It happens to be Crackerjack's SIXTEENTH birthday today ... and Bill has taken a few days off so there will be much family togetherness ... which of course means there will be plenty of pictures forthcoming!

Have yourselves a good Thursday, my friends, and see you here again very soon!

Happiness is a warm blanket ...

O new blankie 2

Especially one made by someone you love!

I just had to show you all this beautiful gift we received in the mail - a new "blankie" knit for Little Bear by his Great Aunt Pat. Aren't the colors just wonderful? So cheerful and soothing at the same time. And the texture is extrememly plush and thick. I know he will love it for years!

O new blankie 1

Do your children have special blankets? Remember the "woobie" from that wonderful movie, Mr. Mom? I do remember my brother had a colorful "blankie" he carried around everywhere and pretty much loved it to smithereens. I think there were several salvage attempts - decreasing its size a bit each time - before it was finally let go. 

So yes, as the Peanuts say: Happiness is (indeed) a Warm Blanket!

Speaking of blankets, I think that's one of the charms of November ... preparing for warmth when the weather turns cold. I'm going to turn my attention to warming up my home this week, and today I will gather all the throw blankets and launder them so they'll be fresh for the season. Once they're all clean and dry, I will place them in strategic places - folded at the foot of a bed, piled neatly in a basket or slipped onto the back of a favorite chair in the family room. When someone is in need of a little warmth, there'll be a blanket within easy reach ...

And that's a simple but true November blessing: warmth when we need it.

Winter bedding

My favorite throw blanket - a soft plaid that matches the floral of our quilt!


I hope you've all had a nice Tuesday ... enjoy your evening, my friends! Keep warm and snug!

I'll see you here again very soon ...

And so it begins ...

Happy Monday, my friends!

Well, I hope you all had a nice weekend! It was quite a BIG weekend around here ... lots going on, popping around, out and about, but mostly because a certain Little Bear we all know and love began ...

O walking 1

O walking 2


(It's hard to show "motion" in  photos, but I promise you, this boy's on the move!)

This should not have come as a surprise to us, of course - over the past couple of weeks, LB has been taking a tentative step here and there, but this weekend he really got things rolling. He began standing from a crouch (that is, without using anything to pull himself up) and walking a few steps on his own before stopping himself as if in shock, lol. Sometimes he just sits back down, and sometimes he fusses a little and wants me to pick him right up. He's not one for change this boy, much like his mama ... but oh, the changes are always a-comin with these little ones, aren't they? Things are about to get very intresting around here ...

O walking 3

 Oh, the Places You'll Go! 

Today is your day. 
You're off to Great Places! 
You're off and away


So Little Bear is 13 months old now (as of a few days ago), which I think is about average for walking. Bookworm was 14 months and Crackerjack was 12 months ... Earlybird was quite late - around 20 months, as all of his developmental milestones we were well off the mark.

How old were your children when they began walking? If you have a moment, please let me know in a comment below.


As always, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in our joy. Enjoy your evening, and I'll see you here again very soon!

Happy (Friday)

O giggling in sleep

Yesterday Little Bear woke from his afternoon nap a bit cranky ... so I brought him into my bedroom and laid him down on my bed where I was folding some laundry. Well, it must have been the perfect snuggly spot, because the boy just fell right back into a deep sleep. So I kept folding and a few minutes later I noticed LB had started giggling. He was still sound asleep, mind you - but he was giggling!

So I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures ...

O giggling in sleep 2

(Super quietly, of course.)

O giggling in sleep 3 

Must have been a good dream!


Well my friends, I hope that was a little something happy to brighten your day. And I hope you all have yourselves a nice Friday - Friday, the 13th, mind you ... and a full moon as well! Now, admittedly, I can be a bit supersitious sometimes (it's the Irish in me, after all) but Friday the 13th is, and always will be, a most fortunate and blessed day in my book ... because my Crackerjack was born on Friday, August 13th!

Have yourselves a great weekend, everyone ... see you here again very soon!

Domestic Bliss: Little Stool by the Fire

Stool 1

My aunt gave us this pretty stool at Easter and she thought it would be a nice little spot upon which Little Bear might "perch." He's right at that age (and size) to do just that!

Stool 2

Lovely linen seat with "vintage bird and letters" design. 

Stool 5

"Look at me, Mama!"

Stool 6


It's been muggy and mild here lately ... how is June shaping up where you live?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends!

A Nursery for Little Bear (At last!)

O bedroom 12

We're so excited that Little Bear's nursery is finally ready for him! (And vice versa!) So I thought you all might like a little tour?

O bedroom 11

When we bought this house last spring we knew immediately that this small sunny bedroom would be the nursery - it has some neat features that are perfect for a young child, and the wall color was just right, too! But up till now it has served mostly as a "storage zone" ... for reasons having to do with time, energy and a little one who still wakes through the night. But the time has come for him to sleep in his own room (or so we hope) so we got this room all cleaned and prepared ... and finally, a few days ago we moved in his crib.

And so far so good!

So here's Little Bear sitting smack dab in the middle of his room. I'm taking this picture from the doorway.

O bedroom 4

(It's a small room but I'm going to give you all the angles!)

O bedroom 6 

Stepping into the room and looking to the left ...

O bedroom 27

A wonderful built-in desk for someday ... but for the time being, a spot for special books (including parenting books), toys and Mama's coffee cup, etc. (The top shelf holds special hats and shoes!)

O bedroom 10

I might be sprinkling this post with a few pictures of Little Bear ... just so you know. :)

 O bedroom 16

So this is the same crib that all our boys have slept in - I'd say it's served us well! It still has its soft green flannel sheet but with warmer weather upon us, I'll be switching to this cute cotton print very soon:

O bedroom 40

Along the north wall there are bookcases for displaying wooden toys and more books ...

O bedroom 5

I can't tell you how happy I am to see these toys played with again! (Not to mention how glad I am we saved them!) The baby doll on the top shelf was given to a nearly 2 year-old Crackerjack when I was expecting Earlybird. My mum knitted his hat and scarf.

O bedroom 24

 Still more favorite books line the windowsills (which at present, need to be propped open). Owl Babies is definitely Little Bear's favorite book so far. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Baby Beluga and The Very Hungry Caterpillar run a close second, third, fourth.

O bedroom 29

A basket of binkies and "chew toys" as we call them. Little Bear is cutting some serious teeth these days!

O bedroom 9

This rocker is one of a pair (its twin is in our master bedroom). They are the most comfortable rockers, and once belonged to my grandparents. On the back of the chair is a knitted blanket made by my mother for Little Bear. (Started by me then abandoned, lol.) These were the nursery colors I picked out long before we found our new home. So you see how well the colors matched up!

O bedroom 2

My favorite kind of selfie. :)

O bedroom 3

The other bookcase ...

O bedroom 7

 Bird puppets, wooden elements, BOOKS and a sweet rabbit (led) candle. A shower gift from my godmother, Kathy.

O bedroom 1

 As I sit in the rocker just this very minute, this is what I see ... such a lovely day.

Ok, other side of the room ...

O bedroom 35 

The handsome cherry hutch was a gift from dear friends whose children had outgrown it. It's a very comfortable spot to change Little Bear and has wonderful storage.

O bedroom 22

 Nursery essentials ... diapers, wipes, soothing lotion, herbal salves and a comb for unruly toddler hair.

O bedroom 23

The cubbies hold a few meaningful items ... a cross-stich birth announcement made by Bill's mom, the What to Expect books, a baptism frame (yet to be filled) a picture book that Earlybird and I picked out for the baby and an "engineer bear," a gift from Little Bear's Papa (my dad). More special books and blankets on the very top shelf.

Now this ...

O bedroom 36 

This is what convinced us immediately, that this had to be the nursery! This is a loft bed, just the right size for a young child ... for sleeping eventually, but wonderful for cuddling and reading and puppet plays, too.

O bedroom 30

 I don't have any linens for it yet ... I am still trying to find a resource for special-sized sheets.  

O bedroom 25

Lovely baby quilt handmade for Little Bear by Bill's godmother, Anne.

O bedroom 38

 Won't this be fun? :)

Little Bear's first nap in his new room ...

O bedroom 32

There is nothing so precious as a sleeping baby!

Well my friends, I hope you've enoyed this tour of Little Bear's nursery. Since I took these pictures, Bill has installed some nice room-darkening shades and hopefully those will also contribute to better sleep for LB ... and for us all!

And here's hoping you are all doing well, and enjoying your week so far. I thank you for stopping by and will look forward to see you all again very soon!


A Parenting Book Giveaway!

My friends, I have an extra copy of an absolutely wonderful book from which I've gleaned much parenting inspiration ...

First Teacher

You Are Your Child's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

I've had my original copy for well over 10 years now but last fall, when we found out I was expecting again, I really wanted to re-read that book ... however, I couldn't find it anywhere! So what did I do in a fit of hormone-fueled impatience? Well, I ordered a new copy, of course. And then what did I find just last week after coming across a box of packed books from the move? Yes, that would be my original copy!

So, I'd love to offer this new copy to a reader here at my blog. It's a thick paperback full of lovely ideas and suggestions for raising your young child in a gentle, Waldorf-inspired home ...

Creating a nurturing home environment, establishing soothing routines and a seasonal rhythm, encouraging imaginative play and meaningful creative activities.

The author comes from a Waldorf education background, and while I don't subscribe to the deeper philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf's founder), I do appreciate the Waldorf approach to parenting, home life and to some extent, homeschooling. So much of this book resonates with me, though, and my own mothering style ... and when my older boys were little I read it again and again ... and now I'm thumbing back through it with my new little one in mind. It's a good refresher course for this "new again" mama!

So, if you would like a chance to win my extra copy of You Are Your Child's First Teacher, please leave me a comment below. Any comment will do ... just say hi! Or ask me a question, whatever you have time for ... and on Monday I will announce a (randomly chosen) winner!


And in my next post I will be sharing that long promised tour of Little Bear's nursery - we finally moved his crib into his bedroom last night! And he had a pretty good night's sleep ... woke a couple of times but was soothed back to sleep ... but best of all woke up SO happy in his new room! I watched him on the monitor, looking all around his room and making happy little sounds. I was glad to see he was OK with waking up somewhere other than Mama and Daddy's room!


Well my friends, I hope you have a nice Friday, and be sure to leave a comment if you'd like a chance to win this book. I'll look forward to hearing from you, and good luck!

See you all here again very soon ...

Happy Ascension Day!

Lilacs ascension

Beautiful lilacs from our old house. How I miss their heavenly fragrance ...

(Bill doesn't miss the sneezing, though!)

Popping in to say hello and wish you all a nice Thursday ... Little Bear had his one-year check-up this morning and he did quite well. (So did his mother.) We didn't cry until the very last shot! (There were three in all.) Such a brave little man.

And now we're home to enjoy the rest of this beautiful spring day. A bit on the cool side (barely nudging 60) but that sunshine is so lovely. And all the greenery around us!

So what's for supper then?

Well, here it will be meatloaf, peas and new potatoes. And some hot buttered biscuits beside. Vanilla meringue cookies and sorbet for dessert. A nice spring dinner I think.

What's on your menu this evening?


Tomorrow I have a book "giveaway" to announce and hopefully this weekend I'll have the Desk Do-Over (part 2) to share ... For now though, enjoy the rest of your Thursday, my friends ... see you here again very soon!

A Little More Birthday ...

 My friends, would you indulge me just a few more pictures of our birthday boy's big day?


O birthday 1

Well, he first had a wonderful Birthday Breakfast. There were pancakes with mixed berries and vanilla whipped cream. Red, white and blue for Memorial Day!

O birthday 19

A bit later that morning he had A Birthday Bath ...

O birthday 8

All fresh & clean, and decked out in his holiday romper, having a little fun with his Daddy. 

O birthday 15

After a quick cookout (chicken dogs and turkey burgers!), it was time for ... Birthday Cake! We're having Little Bear's "official" party in a few weeks, but for today, we of course HAD to indulge in a special cake just for our sweet little guy! This was an organic lemon cupcake, topped with buttercream frosting ... delicious, but he mostly just mushed it around. 

O birthday books 5 

And then, just before bed, a few Birthday Presents!

O birthday books 3

So lucky to have big brothers to help ...

O birthday books 6

Little Bear received three new books and a soft, stuffed elephant.

(We have a thing for elephants, Little Bear and I.)


Thanks so much everyone, for all the kind birthday wishes! Little Bear is now offically, ONE - a toddler I guess. *sigh* Where on earth did that year go, honestly ... ?

I hope you are all having a nice week ... thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in our joy. I will see you all here again very soon!

Happy 1st Birthday, Little Bear!

O birthday 4

My friends, today our littlest man is ONE year old!

I can hardly believe it ... it seems just like yesterday I was asking you all to "sit down" because I had a "little news" to share ...


And now here he is... learning new things and doing new things ... sprouting tiny teeth, climbing all over, bouncing to music and humming when he eats ...

I can never thank God enough for blessing us with this dear child.

O birthday 5

He is such a joy!


Weekly Bits of Domestic Bliss (Reprise!)

Vintage house clipart

Of Note: 

Victoria Day (19), Town Election Day (20), St. Rita of Cascia (22), Memorial Day Weekend (24-26)


Everything is SO green! Temps near 70 this week with mostly sunny skies, a few showery spots. Very "Spring in New England." Such a pretty time of year - lots flowering, new things to identify. And the hummingbirds have returned! 


Extra laundry this week. Put away winter clothes. Sort through summer clothes.

Bring plants to graves on Sunday.

Mow back lawn, weed front garden. (boys)

Buy geraniums for planters.

Start planting ..

Hang (our new!) American flag.

 Dinner Menus:

M - homemade pizzas

T - honey garlic chicken over wild rice, roasted cauliflower

W - (turkey) tacos in shells

T - kielbasa & vegetable roast, couscous

F - grilled panini, steak fries and soup

S - leftovers

S - cookout!

Baby Days ...

We're nearing Little Bear's 1st birthday!

Time to move the crib into the nursery ...

The little fella is in need of a hair trim ... the hair over his ears is bugging him, though I am loathe to cut any of it!

O curls 1

Learning Themes:

Bees - identifying (from a safe distance!) what kinds of bees visit our yard. 

Memorial Day: what it means, family traditions

Excited About ~ Working On:

 Designing invitations for Little Bear's birthday party. 

Planting our own organic rhubarb!

Rhubarb plant 2

I bought this rhubarb for $10 at our village plant sale this past weekend. I am so excited to finally grow our own rhubarb!

Working on my planner-binder. It's a mess, plain and simple, so I'm rethinking the whole thing. Again.


Catch up on emails.

Look into Wordpress as an alternative to Typepad.

Organize summer education plans.

Locate missing book boxes.


Well, Good Wednesday morning, my friends!

I thought it might be nice to revisit my weekly domestic journal ... it's been quite a while since I updated it! This was meant to go up on Monday but then Typepad had its troubles, so here it is today. I will aim to update this journal every Monday ...

Hope you all have a great day ... thanks so much for stopping by!

Little Bear Meets the Birds

Longtime readers might remember all the nature toys and bird puppets I used with my boys when they were younger. Well, they've long outgrown those sweet puppets and stories, but of course we kept them all in storage ... and I'm so glad we did, because we now have our Little Bear with whom to enjoy all that imaginative play once again!

And yesterday, as we were working on his nursery, I handed him a few puppets, giving them a little squeeze so he could hear their sounds ...

This was his reaction:

O bird puppets 3

 O bird puppets 1

O bird puppets 2

Lol, he first looked out the (open) windows as if looking for the "real" birdies making those sounds! And then he just looked puzzled ... yet intrigued ...

And - if I may so - pretty darn cute, too!


Well my friends, I hope you're enjoying your week so far ... this morning I'd like to remind you that soon I'll be starting up my "Garden Gab" series and asking you about what's growing in your yard right now. If you'd like to send me a picture of your yard (or a plant or tree you are fond of) please email it to me at ...

>> bysunandcandlelight AT comcast DOT net <<

I'd be honored to include it in my post!

(And thank you to the ladies who have already sent me their pictures, I am behind on my emails - and everything else it seems - but extremely grateful for your participation!)

Note: I originally said 'Wednesday' for Garden Gab posting, but it might be a bit later in the week ... I'll of course keep you all "posted." ;)

And I'll see you here again very soon!

Eleven months - already?

Yes, it's true - Little Bear is 11 months old today! And while today is a rather raw and rainy April day, yesterday - oh, yesterday was just beautiful! Sunny and mild, breezy and bright ... and Little Bear had his first swing on the swingset - on his Mama's lap, of course - and he just loved it! He was grinning and squealing and just enjoying it so much, I whipped out my phone and took a few "selfies." :)

O and mama swinging 1

O and mama swinging 2

O and mama swinging 3

O and mama selfie swinging

It's so important to remember these days ... goodness knows, they fly by!


Hope you're all enjoying your weekend ... see you here again very soon!

April showers bring ...

O in rain slicker 2

... Baby's 1st rain slicker!

O in rain slicker 6

Just like his big brothers' ... only tiny and yellow.

O in rain slicker 4


Well, enjoy your Thursday, my friends ... and remember! We're talking about COOKBOOKS for Monday's Kitchen Chat and I'd love to see where you store/display/hide yours! If you have a moment, please snap a picture of your collection and send it to me at ...

bysunandcandle AT comcast DOT net

And speaking of cookbooks, did you hear Ina Garten's next book, due in October is all about making food ahead? I can't wait to see that!

Have a great day, everyone ... thanks so much for stopping by!