Feel Good Friday Feed

Feel Good Friday

Watching nature always makes me feel good ...

Red squirrel eating spruce cone 3

I enjoy it so much - because I find it at once stimulating and soothing. There are things to learn and things to recall ... it's at once familiar and new.

The above little fella is the same one I posted a picture of here, but this was taken a little while later ... once he'd made a full, messy meal of that spruce cone!

And here's our wee bunny ...

Wee bunny 1

He's been a delight to watch these past couple of weeks. But as much as I love watching this bunny, I do worry for his safety. He's always alone (where is his mother?) and we have a lot of predators around here, living next to the woods as we do. And we may live on a quiet road, but there are still plenty of cars that go by - and for some crazy reason our bunny's particularly fond of the grass that grows along the edge of the street ...

I guess I can only hope for the best and enjoy him while I can. :)


Well, right now it's raining (a rumbly, dark rain), and I'm sitting by a cracked open window ... because I love rain on muggy mornings like this. It makes everything quiet, and the air smells soooo good. The skies off to the west are starting to clear so things will dry out before long ... and then we're in for a very hot day. This is such a peaceful "summer" moment ... a moment to feel good. So many things going on around us ... our lives are so busy and full ... it's important to take time to find moments like these.

Have a lovely Friday, my friends!