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The Pirates and The Prius

Now that's a strange post title, isn't it? Hang on, and I'll explain. :)

This afternoon dear husband and I went to the movies, a rare and enjoyable treat for us! My mother, God bless her, offers her babysitting services whenever we need them, it's just finding the time to go! Well today we made the time, andPirates caught the matinee showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

And let me tell you, the reviews may have been iffy, but we found it to be highly entertaining! We're big fans of the first one (which we watched last night as a refresher), so we were really looking forward to this one, the second (of three) in the series. I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5, while dh says 7 out of 10. ;) You say tomato, I say tomahto ...

I will say this one is definitely darker (i.e. more gore, more violence and more adult themes) than the first one. Not one for the young'uns! (Not mine anyway.) But boy, I just loooove going to the movies - the popcorn, the previews, the 2-hours of peace, LOL!

And I do I love the swashbuckling genre ~ Pirates, Indiana Jones,Pirates_2 Lord of the Rings, The Mummy, The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves come to mind. Enthralling (if not plausible) adventures and damsels in distress. (Call me old-fashioned.) But if asked - and no one's asking, but I'm telling anyway - my top five movies are hardly what you'd call action flicks ~ Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women and Meet Me in St. Louis. Sense a theme? Chick flicks, some might call them; nary a swash or a buckle among them. But I can appreciate a good action-adventure, when it's fun and tastefully done. And Pirates 2, I'm happy to report, was both. :)

Now the other piece of the post puzzle is the Toyota Prius, my husband's new (well, 2 yo new!) car. Up till today I have only looked at it, and barely even sat in it ... haven't yet ridden in it, nor driven it! And he's had it a whole month! It's not that I don't like it - I do. And it's not that I'm not very happy he's realized a long-held dream to own an electric car - I am! But to be honest, I've been a bit timid about driving it.

I'm not a big car person. I like my van, I know my van - vans are what I know. I'll admit that this new vehicle parked so unassumingly in our driveway intimidated me! The whole hybrid-electric thing threw me:

"What do you mean there's no key?"

"What do you mean I push an ON button to start up?"

"What do you mean, I get 60 miles to the gallon?!!"

So today with dh by my side, giving excellent directions and quiet encouragement, I finally rode in, then drove the Prius! And I must say, it drives Priusvery nicely! Great pick-up too. Once I figured out the on/off and gear "shift" I was completely comfortable and can see myself using it for weekend errands (like he's wanted me to do). It's surprisingly quiet too - I almost ran over a pair of mourning doves in the driveway who literally didn't hear the car coming and had to be shooed away before I could pull in! And of course it's economical - it saves TONS of money on gas! And then there are all the environmental benefits to consider ... :)

So there are my reviews for the days folks! If you're in the mood for a movie, the latest Pirates film is a good bet, and if you're in the market for a car, the Prius is, to borrow a phrase from Bookworm, one sweet ride!

More from the Boys: The HOOT Review


Popcorn and lemonade are a big part of the movie experience!

Yesterday was a perfect rainy day for a movie. Nana came over to stay with Earlybird while I took the older two (10 & 6) to meet our Homeschool Book Group for the matinee showing of Hoot. We all enjoyed the movie very much, but once home, I pressed the boys for more specific details. Here are their remarks:

So how did you like the movie, boys?

Bookworm: Loved it. Five stars out of five.

Crackerjack: I say good. Ten thumbs up!

And what in particular did you like about it?

CJ: We liked everything. Just everything.

Did you have a favorite character?

CJ: The one who kept running. Whatshisname.

Mullet Fingers?

CJ: Yes, that's the guy I liked. He ran so fast!

BW: I liked Chuck Muckles.

You liked the bad guy?

BW: I liked the way his name rhymed with chuckles.

So what was your favorite part?

BW: I'd have to say the closet brawl between Roy and Dana.

The fight?! You liked the fight best?

BW: It was just so funny when the door suddenly bursts opens and there's this bright light pulling him out ... (laughter consumes him)

CJ: (Giggling) I liked that part too.

Any least favorite parts?

Both: None!

What was your favorite animal from the movie?

Both: The owls.

CJ: They were called Burrowing Owls.

Can you name some other Florida wildlife from the movie?

BW: Gator. Blue Heron.

CJ: The turtle who was on a rock and not a log. I forget the name of the big swimming thing. Wait, Bookworm do you know its name?

BW: It was a Manatee.

CJ: How do you know that?

BW: They're easy to identify. There's, like, nothing that looks similar to a Manatee. Except for a walrus, but not in Florida.

Do you think Roy did anything he shouldn't have? Could he have made better choices?

BW: Well, not from my point of view, but you should put in your own review because you have a ton of different ideas about it.

Interesting. Crackerjack, what do you think?

CJ: I want to be with Bookworm, so no.

Hmmm. What would you say was the biggest lesson in the movie?

BW: There's usually more than one way to do something ~ the easy way and the safe way.

(Mother's note to self: Come back to this point for further discussion.)

So boys, would you like to visit Florida someday?

Both: Yes!!!


Ready to go home, full of visions of owls and Florida!

Ice Age 2: The Reviews Are In!

But for educational purposes, I'm going to call them narrations ... 

Bookworm says:

"Yesterday I went to see Ice Age 2 with my friends. It was a really good movie! It was about how the ice age animals discover that their valley is basically a giant bowl about to flood, and that there's a boat at the other end of the valley which could get them out safely. The entire movie is about their escape. The old characters are all back but their personalities have changed a lot ... Diego is more scared this time, but still "worrisome" to the others in the herd. He was rather, let's just say, troublesome ... especially to Sid! Manny is much more worried about his species going extinct than ever before. Sid is now convinced that he has to do something about his respect, orIce_age  lack thereof. The new characters include two crazy and unbelievably annoying possums, and a mammoth who thinks she's a possum. I'd say there's a ton of funny parts, but not as many scary parts, in my opinion. My favorite part was one with Scrat, the crazy rat-squirrel, but I don't want to give away the ending. My least favorite part was, it was a lot more fresh than the first movie. I'd give it 4 1/2 stars."

Crackerjack says:

"I went with my friends to Ice Age 2 in the theatre. I sat next to my friend Yippie and Mama. I ate popcorn and I had lemonade, but I had to take my candy home for later. All of the characters are still in this movie but Sid is really upset that they don't think he can do some things. Diego is much more friendlier to everyone becuase he knew them more and they were sure he was part of the team. Manny was much more afraid of his species going extinct. There are two really annoying possums; one is called Crash and the other one is called Eddie ~ they're pretty funny! Ellie is another mammoth, she's a female and she thinks that she's a possum. There were two really weird creatures that look like an alligator except for some strange reason one was much bigger than the other. And one was purple and the other was green. They were pretty bad. My favorite part was at the beginning when Sid said to "Call me Squid!" But I didn't like it when they were fresh. How about I give it 3 stars?"


By the way, did you know that scientists recently discovered a species, a kind of rat-squirrel creature, that was previously thought extinct? Read about it here. My boys are convinced that Scrat (that crazed, squirrelly rat from the movie) has survived all these years!