Goodnight Feed

Friday Photo


Well, it was a very busy day for the Sun & Candle household -  hence no morning post! - but I had to stop in to say goodnight, and to show you all the pretty winter sunset that greeted me as I left my hairdresser's this evening.

(You have to give Winter credit - it definitely presents the prettiest sunsets all year.)

I wasn't sure the picture would come out, since I took it at such a distance (and through power lines, no less) - but of course, I had to try. Once home I uploaded the shot and asked aloud of Bill and the boys (busy heating up leftovers for supper) ...

"Do you think this picture came out good enough to post on my blog?"

Crackerjack, without missing a beat - without even a peek! - responded:

"Mom, any picture you take is good enough to put on your blog."

Well, how sweet is THAT?


I hope you all had a nice day ... any big plans for the weekend? Will you be watching the Superbowl? Any yummy "game time" recipes to share?

We're expecting (big surprise) messy weather tomorrow, so I'm going to try to run my errands early ... not sure when I'll post again, but it won't be too long.

Thanks so much for stopping by ... I hope you all have a nice night. See you again sometime soon ...

A late day moment ...


I was bustling around the kitchen when Crackerjack called my attention to this afternoon's vivid winter sunset. He thought it looked especially "dramatic" viewed through the "wicked" icicles that hang off the house.

A very wintry view, indeed.

Have a lovely evening, dear readers. We're expecting guests in about an hour. Looking forward to a night of friends, pizza and fun ... 

See you all again sometime soon!


The Bookworm gets the Bird


Here's Bookworm doing his "farm chores" today.

Lol, he does the feeders now for me - I pass the pitcher out through the dining room window and he fills the trays and tubes full of seed. He makes quite a racket tromping out there, in his big gunboat boots - the critters sure know when he's coming! A few of them barely budge though, content to keep eating while BW works around them.

Today a lovely little Carolina Wren (a very brave, cheeky bird) stayed close by while BW worked. 

He took this picture before coming back inside:


We have two wrens (a mated pair I presume) that frequent our feeders. Have you ever heard this wren's song? It is quite startling and memorable.

Well my friends, how has your day been? I hope it's been nice. I hope you found many reasons to smile ...

 The storm is here now ... it's coming down at a good clip. The snow lights are on and supper's in the oven! Time to call it a day. :)

I will see you again sometime tomorrow, but for now I wish you all a peaceful goodnight!