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Kinderweek ~ Leaves and the Letter F


This happens to be peak foliage time around here, so I planned some fun "leaf" learning for our Earlybird this week. Here are a few of my ideas:

Books to Read:Leafman

Things to Do:

  • collect leaves
  • make leaf rubbings
  • rake leaves
  • (then jump in the piles, natch)
  • bake leaf-shaped cookies
  • make a leaf mobile

Possible Field Trips:Redleaf

  • go on a family tree walk along the bike path
  • stop by the nursery to buy fall flowers
  • visit the farm to pick fruit

A Poem/Song to Learn:

Come little leaves said the wind one day ...

Letter F Activities:

  • watch the falling leaves
  • fall down in leaf piles
  • talk about fall (aka autumn)
  • play freeze tagFletcher
  • fingerpaint (yellow/red)
  • play follow the leader
  • toss the football in the backyard
  • work on Friends & Famly photo album
  • flip Father Bear's Famous Flying Flapacks (Little Bear, anyone?)
  • fly (and honk) like Canada geese
  • find fairy homes in the woods
  • smell the fall flowers
  • look for frost in the morning
  • fill the (bird)feeders
  • buy fruit at the farmstsand
  • arrange a fruit basket (cornucopia)
  • play "fur or feathers?" re backyard animals

We are blessed with a warm and sunny week up here in New England - these Indian Summer days are always a treat. (Our winters are dark and cold, and ... long.) I hope these Kinder ideas give you some autumn inspiration, but most of all I hope you are enjoying these beautiful October days! :)

*D is for Dragons (Michaelmas Week)*

It's a dark and wet Monday morning here in New England, but at least we escaped the brunt of Hurricane Kyle. This weeks looks to be a showery and cool one - iffy for outdoor activities - but we'll keep our fingers crossed. A full and busy week stretches ahead of us - lots of things to learn, lots to do around the house, a couple of outings planned, and a few feast days to honor ...

Here are my notes for the week ~

Of note: Michaelmas, EB's therapy (OT and ST), apple picking, Book Group for the older two, The Feast of St. Francis (our family patron)

Math: daily Saxon lessons, review tests

Language arts: vocabulary and spelling work, assigned writing: biography page for history, assigned reading for book group (The Land of the Silver Apples/Bookworm, The Penderwicks on Gardam Street/Crackerjack), vocab test/BW, spelling quiz/CJ

History: Story of the World Vol. 4: chapter 2 "The Crimean War" - read "The Charge of the Light Brigade," learn about Florence Nightingale/ do short biography report, update timeline chart

Science: prepare "medical records" for each family member (SOTW activity), pre-order The Way We Work by David Macauley (to purchase during B&N's Educator Week beginning 10/11), set up Health/Anatomy notebooks (create dividers), clip articles from Globe Health/Science section

Religion: St. Michael coloring page/angel prayer, Magnifikid, St. Francis Day - nature walk/birdfeeders/blessing of pets

Kinder theme: D is for Dragons/Michaelmas

  • Bake donuts one morning for breakfast.
  • Play with knights and dragons, cape and crown.
  • Do watercolor painting on the deck.
  • Observe the difference between dry and wet.
  • Make lanterns for Michaelmas.
  • Dig in the dirt and plant spring bulbs with Daddy.
  • Help with making dinner.
  • Read "The Song of the Michaelmas Daisy Fairy."
  • Observe the dark of the night of the New Moon (9/29)
  • Go on a nature walk and look for:
    • Michaelmas daisies (or wild asters)
    • possible gnome homes
    • changing leaves
    • dragonflies
    • wood duck nest
  • Make dragon bread to serve with harvest vegetable soup.
  • Go apple picking at the farm.
  • Play "duck, duck, goose."
  • Read My Little Book of Wood Ducks
  • Play with wood duck puppets (make up nature story).
  • Read new issue of My Big Backyard.
  • Learn the Guardian Angel prayer.

Lots to do, or hopefully do. It's good to at least get the ideas down on paper. ;)

And now the week is officially off and running ~ the boys are up, the waffles have popped, the dryer just buzzed and I've taken the ground beef out of the freezer. I'd best be rolling ...

Have a great week, everyone! :)