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How about a Planner Post ... Party? (+ a giveaway)

But first, a word from our sponsor ...

O in hat 2

... whose generous afternoon nap brought you today's post.


Well, I just had to start with that sweet little face in the adorable acorn hat - a lovely gift from my dear friend, Kelly. Some kids are just hat kids - and Little Bear is definitely one of them! All summer long it was baseball caps, or straw hats, or floppy-brimmed bucket hats ... every day he was outdoors - with a hat! But now that there's a chill in the air, we're all about warm, knitted things ... such as this gorgeous, handcrafted treasure.

How happy does he look? How very "fall" is this photo? How lucky am I to have such generous and talented knitter-friends?!

(Kelly has blessed our LB with a treasure, and I truly treasure her friendship!)

Ok, now, back to the topic at hand ... planners! (Or calendars, if you prefer that term.) I am in a real planner/calendar mood lately ... I've been scoping out Pinterest for ideas and tweaking my main planning binder and loving (still!) my new daybook, and now, I'm eager ready to chat. I have a draft-post in the works - and you all know I can talk at great length about planning - but I am curious to see/hear what you have going on planning-wise!

So, how about I host a "planner party" here next week?

I'm thinking near to the end of the week, so we all have time to get our planners together. All "dressed up and ready to party," so to speak. Here's what I'm thinking:

I want to know what you are using for a calendar/planner (or planners as the case may be) and how you like it (them) or not. I would also love to see your planner(s) if possible - so if you are able, you might send me a picture or two? (Or three, or four, I'm not picky.)

I will do a post about my own calendars and planners and then share what you all have sent me in my post. I will only publish your first name (or a pseudonym if you prefer), your words and your pic, if you sent one - or more. (I can't stress enough pics are welcome! I think we all love to see people's planners!)

So, please send me an email with your planner input here:

bysunandcandle AT gmail DOT com

I'll bug nag remind you about the post over the next several days. I'm thinking Friday for the actual posting, so I'd appreciate submissions by Thursday please.

Now, not to bribe you or anything ... ahem ... but I may just have a little "autumn bliss giveaway" as an incentive for those who participate. Just a little something fun I have in mind ... Join the party and you've entered your name!

(Note: If you'd rather not email,  you are also welcome to write your thoughts in the comments box below ... I will add these to the post next week.) 

Well my friends, the aforementioned nap looks to be nearing its end, so I'm going to wrap up for now. The autumn sun outside my window is nearing the tops of the trees, which means it's time to shift gears, stretch limbs and get back on track! First up - a diaper change and a couple of good books. Then we'll start in on supper. :)

But I thank you as always for reading, and I wish you all a pleasant evening ...

See you here again very soon!

ETA! Here is an exciting update to the Planner Party Post GIVEAWAY information!

Happiness is a warm blanket ...

O new blankie 2

Especially one made by someone you love!

I just had to show you all this beautiful gift we received in the mail - a new "blankie" knit for Little Bear by his Great Aunt Pat. Aren't the colors just wonderful? So cheerful and soothing at the same time. And the texture is extrememly plush and thick. I know he will love it for years!

O new blankie 1

Do your children have special blankets? Remember the "woobie" from that wonderful movie, Mr. Mom? I do remember my brother had a colorful "blankie" he carried around everywhere and pretty much loved it to smithereens. I think there were several salvage attempts - decreasing its size a bit each time - before it was finally let go. 

So yes, as the Peanuts say: Happiness is (indeed) a Warm Blanket!

Speaking of blankets, I think that's one of the charms of November ... preparing for warmth when the weather turns cold. I'm going to turn my attention to warming up my home this week, and today I will gather all the throw blankets and launder them so they'll be fresh for the season. Once they're all clean and dry, I will place them in strategic places - folded at the foot of a bed, piled neatly in a basket or slipped onto the back of a favorite chair in the family room. When someone is in need of a little warmth, there'll be a blanket within easy reach ...

And that's a simple but true November blessing: warmth when we need it.

Winter bedding

My favorite throw blanket - a soft plaid that matches the floral of our quilt!


I hope you've all had a nice Tuesday ... enjoy your evening, my friends! Keep warm and snug!

I'll see you here again very soon ...

Happy Autumn!

Today is the first day of Fall - hooray! :)

Fall is a great time for visiting outdoor festivals and fairs, and yesterday we did just that ... and just look who came home with a brand new (adorable, autumnal) hat!

Owens new hat 2

(the back)

Owens new hat 1

I have so many things I could say about Autumn - so many ideas and plans I'm excited about - but for now here's a link to my Autumn archive. There are several years' worth of Autumn love to be found there ...

Enjoy your Sunday, my friends!


Knitted with Love

Good afternoon, my friends ... I hope you are enjoying your Friday.

I had to share with you some pictures of the absolutely beautiful sweater set my dear friend Cherice hand-knitted for Owen ...

Baby knit set 1

How darling is this?

Baby knit set 2

Made from buttery-soft, organic cotton ...

Baby knit set 3

And the colors ...  so yummy.

Baby knit set 4

A soft cadet blue and a warm harvest gold ... just perfect for our little boy! Not to wish away summer (or any of these precious early weeks) but I can hardly wait for autumn to begin!

With many thanks again to Cherice - and her family, who all had a hand in making this very special gift. So much love in those stitches, we will treasure these knits well beyond the years our little boy can wear them.


Have a lovely weekend, my friends ... I will see you here again sometime soon!

Crafting Confessions

Remember when I showed you all this?

Well, six weeks later, this is as far as I've gotten ...

Knitting progress 1

Knitting progress 2

As you can see, progress has been slow - but I think I've finally found my groove!

(In my defense, I had a good bit done last month when somebody got his hands and/or paws on it and the whole kit and kaboodle came undone. I felt so defeated I put the project aside for the time being.)

But I'm back at it now, and I finally got the first square knitted (or is it knit?) and today my mum showed me how to tie on a new color. Hooray for a new skill! I'm knitting strips of these colored squares to eventually sew together into one good-size baby blanket. These are the little one's nursery colors - spring green (shown in the link above), buttercream and soft aqua blue. :)


What crafts are you working on these days?

A Few Weekend Photos ...

Happy Sunday, my friends! I hope you've all had a nice weekend.

Mine has been just lovely - it was my birthday weekend! And my loved ones made sure it was fun, relaxing and filled with my favorite things. Here are just a few photos ...

First off, the "bump shot" as promised ...

Bump january

Twenty weeks ~ taken at my Mum and Dad's house earlier today.

On Saturday Mum took me out to a local yarn store where I picked up this yummy yarn for a baby blanket ...

Baby yarn 1

I am especially fond of that soft spring green (I have one more skein on order), and I'm thinking it will be this baby's "signature" shade. :)

On Saturday night, Bill took me out to dinner at our favorite restaurant where I very happily took advantage of eating for two ...

Birthday dinner

Birthday dinner 2

The lighting is very dark because it's a mostly candlelit restaurant. Lovely for atmosphere, awful for photos!

Before dinner we stopped in at a local baby store where we had tons of fun looking around and remembering all the little (and not so little) things the baby would need. We fell a little in love with this bedding:

Baby bedding

We probably won't go with this exact set - I wasn't crazy about the texture - but we are definitely thinking of a "woodland" nursery theme with lots of soft green and brown. Much more to come on that in the spring. :)

And today, after a busy morning of Mass and CCD, we headed over to Mum and Dad's for a delicious lunch, including a luscious fudge-topped birthday cake ...

My birthday 5

Fyi, I'm not worrying about calories at all this weekend. Not a one. I don't think birthday calories count, anyways. ;)

And then there were presents!

My birthday 3

A lovely sweater from a dear family friend.

My birthday 4

A sweet board book for the baby. 

And a little something my dad picked out for me ...

My birthday 1

The new Downton Abbey book! Such fun!

And speaking of DA, I'm going to try very hard to stay up to watch tonight but it's been a very busy weekend and I feel like I'm running on fumes. If I end up watching the episode, I will post "Masterpiece Monday" as early as I can tomorrow. If I end up konking out, the post will be up Tuesday for sure! That will give us one more day to digest. :)

Well my friends, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in our fun! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and I will see you all again very soon!



Thursday's This & That

Well my friends, I've got a nasty cold this week, so posting will be light for a bit, but very quickly I thought I'd mention a few things this morning ...

I'm posting from my perch on the family room couch, aka my "nest" these past few days. Been watching lots of cooking shows with Earlybird ... and as much as we love Jamie and Ina, our new favorite is The Pioneer Woman. So fun! And she homeschools! Why haven't we watched this before?


Speaking of cooking, here are a couple of neat recipes I'm hoping to try when I feel up to it:

Sweet Potato Souffle

(I made my first souffle last May - ready to try again!)

Maple Apple Tartlets

Maple apple tartlets

(I've actually made these before, but the boys have requested I make them again - they are much easier than they look!)

Lemon Custard Cakes

(I have several Meyer lemons to use up - I just love citrus in the winter!)


While resting, I've been enjoying a book I received in the mail the other day, The Life and Times of Call the Midwife: The Official Companion to Seasons One and Two.

Call the midwife book

It's a fantastic and gorgeous look into the world of CtM - fashion & beauty, homes & food, nurses & nuns, faith & health - as well as a peek behind the scenes. I'm just loving it! And if you're a fan of this show, you will love this book, too. (Remember to mark your calendars for 3/31 ~ Easter Sunday night I believe~ that's when season 2 premieres in the US!)


Very exited about the weekend ... lots of fun planned, so I'm really hoping I've kicked this bug by then. For one thing, Mum and I are planning a trip to a local yarn shop on Saturday. I've been itching to knit for some time, but wanted to wait until we knew if this baby was a boy or a girl. Now that we know, I am hoping to pick up some lovely yarn with which to begin a simple project of some kind. Perhaps a blanket to start?


Now, a new "bump" shot has been requested ... so I'll see what I can do about that. ;) I feel like I'm HUGE for 20 weeks, but I think most pregnant women feel like that, lol. The baby's very active and according to my pregnancy book he's about the length of a banana, crown to toes. At 20 weeks - I'm halfway there! (As you can see from my little baby ticker parked at the top of my blog.)

And yes, we do have a name picked out out ... but we're keeping it under wraps till his birth. ❤ As for cravings? Pineapple salsa, barbecue, cheeseburgers and steak sauce! Yep, it's definitely a boy. :)


Also, I know I promised a look at the learning room and that post IS coming soon ... I'm just a bit behind on my new year "spruce up!" Also, I have been asked where we got my corner desk (the one shown in this post) and I can tell you Bill ordered it online from HomeElement. It arrived in a few big pieces and he and the boys put it together for me. :)

Desk 1


Ok, time to wrap up and return to my roost! I hope your week's going well ... the flu is on a rampage this winter, so please take care of yourselves and your loved ones ... stay healthy and safe!

I'll see you here again very soon ...


*>Star Knit<*


Last night I went to see Star Trek with my friend, Kim. The movie was - to use my native tongue for a moment - wicked awesome. It definitely deserves all the great reviews it's been getting!

I had to show you the pretty knit dishcloth Kim made me. Every time I see Kim lately she's wielding needles and working up another cotton dishcloth. They're adorable, practical and use up that pretty Sugar and Cream yarn I love to collect. I'm hoping to try my hand at making one as the pattern seems fairly straightforward and easy to complete. 

My new cloth shown above is knit in a lovely shade of butter, but what I want you to notice is the raised pattern in the middle? Isn't that fun?

Live long and prosper, my friends. :)

Something happy before I go to sleep ...

The week is breezing by, and I can hardly keep up! Not much time for an organized post tonight, just a catchall of photos and notes. In fact, this was almost a Wordless Wednesday post but I had too many things to say about the photos, lol. :)


Last night I attended my monthly Knitting Circle at my friend Kim's house. As usual, she created a lovely tableau ...

This month's theme was Valentines. We all brought our wedding photos (except for yours truly who forgot). We also shared our wedding songs (that I remembered; ours was At Last by Etta James). We dined by candlelight - hot tea and plenty of sweets to choose from - notably, Kim's heart-shaped brownies served with whipped cream and strawberries. (Yes, we are totally spoiled.) And Hayley even brought a wedding cake she made! 

How cute is this?
I only got a few rows of my scarf knit (or is it knitted?) before the night was over, though I'm not surprised. Our group is usually too busy chatting (and eating!) to start in on any serious knitting before 9.  
OK, and today ... let's talk about the weather! Here in New England we hit 60 degrees! It honestly felt - even smelled - so much like spring. In fact, just lookee what I spied this afternoon:

Yes, that's an honest to goodness unfurling bud! I think the trees are doing their happy dance this week. Especially those sugar maples - I bet the sap will be running soon! 

I took the above picture while waiting for the boys at their Tufts Lego Engineering class. We mums usually wait up in the campus coffehouse, but the day was so nice we decided to sit outside and soak up the sun.


Above you see a lovely cookbook my friend Laura is letting me borrow. I really want to incorporate more soup meals into our menu plan.

And here's what the boys worked on in class today:
I'll let Bookworm explain:
"We finished our programming lessons and today we worked on our own creations. The only requirement was that it had to have gears that turned. Crackerjack and I built a small area called "Lego Land" with two towers, a few neat items placed around them, a pair of walls with spinning gears and a machine that played music I wrote on the computer."

Back at home, just as the light was fading fast, I snapped a picture of the pussy willow twigs Kim let me take home last night. I'm hankering to walk out along our woodland trail and see if any changes are underfoot. There are several pussy willows that grow along the river ...


Before I go, let me catch up with a couple of questions from previous posts:

And now I'm off to pop that ziti in the oven and get ready for the night. Lost is on at 9 my friends - glad I had that latte this afternoon!
I will see you all again sometime soon ...

A Craft Store Run~

I have tried to stay away from the craft store as much as possible this summer. For one thing, I don't really need any craft supplies right now - I'm not crafting much during these hot, busy months - and for another, I still have all kinds of supplies stocked in the bins I keep stashed downstairs. (Remember the bins?) Before I go craft shopping, I really must go through the bin contents first (now somewhat depleted and rather discombobulated) and take inventory before I buy even one more package of something like hot glue gun sticks. (I have more of those than I can shake a fist at, lol.)

But there's just something about this time of year - between all the autumn and holiday planning I'm doing these days, and the fall magazines appearing in my mailbox, I'm feeling a familiar itch. I can hear the siren song of the craft store (you know the one, don't you?), and I'm eager to heed that call.

A list would be a good thing to start with, but I don't have a list just yet. However. I did have a reason for running into my local AC Moore's this weekend: Bookworm and I needed neon-green t-shirts for VBS. But, of course, while I was there, I had to take a good look around and see what was what - and, of course, I came home with a few more things than were strictly necessary.

Would you like to see? :)

1. Scrapbooking paper:


I love to have a steady supply of pretty scrapbooking paper on hand. I use it for my journal covers, card projects and the myriad binders I make up through the year. I especially love the first two patterns on the left. They are so sweet; they look as if they've been embroidered.

2. Ribbon:


Darnitall, I had a third spool and it must have gotten left behind at the store. Oh well. I like to use ribbon to trim various crafts or handmade cards and also as page markers for my journals. The alphabet ribbon will be used in my September journal and the starry-red ribbon will be used in my holiday planbook.



This blend is called "Crayon," and I love it! What I'd like to do with it is make "school scarves" for the boys. (You know, kind of like how the Hogwarts students all wear scarves representing their house colors, only not nearly so formally patterned?) I bought this particular yarn mainly because the colors appealed to me, but from what I understand, this yarn will yield stripes when I knit, or a pattern of some sort anyway. It will be fun to see how it knits! I don't know as I feel like knitting just now - the days are too hot - but it shouldn't take much time to knit three, possibly four (one for me), scarves once September rolls around. Generally speaking, there's no need for woolens here in New England till the first of November. (Hmmm ... scarves might make nice Martinmas gifts!)

3. Note Cards and Stamping Supplies:


I saw this adorable craft in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living. Martha always has the best ideas! I was sorely tempted to try making the blueberry Keds, but I thought the note cards might be more practical. These would make a lovely gift set - tied up with a blue gingham ribbon ... or you could make a set of recipe cards ... or a gift tag for a homemade loaf of blueberry bread. The possibilities are endless! (And how about a dark red ink pad for cranberries in the fall?) I'll try this project out sometime next week, and let you know how it goes!

4. T-shirts and iron-on paper:


The green shirts, as I mentioned, are for VBS. The yellow shirt and the transfer paper is for Crackerjack. He wants to try making a t-shirt with an image found online. His friends make shirts all the time with this method, and he loves how they come out. He'll probably go with a Star Wars or Pikman theme. (I'm not sure the image will work on yellow - maybe white would be better - but it was what he wanted. We'll see how it goes.)

5. Glue:


In my opinion, one can never have too much glue - especially when it's Martha Stewart glue. ;) It just looks so much prettier than Elmer's! (More importantly, it works really well.) Here I have glue sticks, a bottle of plain craft glue and a ballpoint-tip glue pen - which will be really neat used with glitter. (I'm envisioning homemade holiday cards this year - which is so easy to do when it's not even August, lol.)

And speaking of glitter - oh, how I wanted the Martha glitter. There were so many beautiful glass jars of glitter in the most dazzling, sumptous shades. But at $4.99 a pop, I'd better know just what I'm going to do with said glitter before I buy it. (I have a few ideas - i.e. the holiday cards - and I'm working on more.)

6. Bake Sale magazine:


I had to pop into a Michaels (yes, a second craft store) to return the t-shirts I originally bought for VBS (which were an all-wrong apple green, rather than the neon green required). I had a 50%-off one item coupon to use (burning a hole in my pocket) but by now my head was spinning and I could hardly concentrate. This particular Michaels was having a grand opening and the store was packed - with people and products. I spied this specialty baking magazine and had Bookworm (my baker's apprentice) take a look-through. Several oohs, aahs and oh-mama's! later I figured we should buy it. It only cost me $3 with the coupon. :)

Well, I think I've kept you here long enough, lol. Bill and the boys are just getting back in from an afternoon jaunt. It's time to rustle up some supper and get the boys into baths. Thanks for stopping by and letting me prattle on about my latest craft adventures. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and I'll see you all again sometime soon. :)

What I'm Knitting Now ~

Well, to begin with, here's what I just finished ~ my first EVER completed project:


This is a short scarf I knitted for my grandmother. She's 94, and loves purple. :) It might seem kind of off-season for scarves, but Gram is often cold. My mum helped me with the button hole - some little tricky bit a few rows from the bottom. As you can imagine, this project was very easy - 15 stitches, knit the whole way.

Here's how it looks on, to give you a better idea:


*Photo by Bookworm.

It's very soft and comfortable, actually. I hope Gram likes it. :) (And by the way, the spring blend I started with last month was also made into a similar style scarf. I haven't added a button yet. And I forgot to take a photo.)

Because I am still new to knitting, I am sticking to things that are very easy, to get myself comfortable with the basics. I started another scarf, in a nice cotton green blend, but I got a bit carried away. Knitting it longer and longer at Aquarium school one day, it dawned on me it would make a cute stuffed toy. Crackerjack said he'd like it to be a snake.


I plan to stuff it and sew on little eyes, maybe insert a red ribbon tongue.

The thing I'm working on now is another - you guessed it! - scarf. ;) I picked up this "creamsicle" blend cotton yarn thinking how nice it would look with my favorite cardigan (see picture at top of this blog) and trusty old sweatshirt jacket shown below:


I wear this jacket a lot in the fall, but it's always great for nature walks in the woods. The orange really stands out, and it's quite warm. The boys said they think this yarn looks like candy corn. :)

Other projects on the horizon ~ I am still planning to knit Crackerjack those red cotton socks, but I need to pick up a pair of double-pointed needles for that. Also, my friend Mary wore a beautiful knitted shawl to our Knitting Circle the other night; she said it was one of her earliest projects, and that she still has the pattern. I'd love to try making one myself in a blend of plummy tones. (Or maybe greens, I'm never sure what colors are good for me.)

I am working up to something in this book ~ hopefully the Weasley sweaters, one for each of my three boys - and hopefully by October! But October is only five months away, so I guess I'd better get brave enough to move on from scarves. ;) 

Now, for a real (and really lovely) knitting project, stop by my friend Leigh's, and check out her soon-to-be-felted spring tote! The colors in her bag remind me of these ...


... which are so in season right now. We have them growing all over our yard. Unfortunately Bill is allergic to lilacs, so I dont bring them into the house, except, as in this case, for a picture. (These were intended for my friend Kim who hosts our knitting circle each month.)

Well, I'd best be off to get this day started. Much to do in the morning, and then we have our Nature Club meeting in the afternoon. I'll be back soon with pictures from our spring day by the river. (Keeping my fingers crossed these clouds rolling in are not bringing rain!)

Have a great day, my friends. See you all again sometime soon. 

~ Knitting Night News ~


At my Knitting Circle last night, I worked another several rows onto my spring scarf! I am so crazy for these colors, and the knitting itself came right back to me, just as I'd hoped it would. Of course - I completely forgot I was intending to purl after knitting four inches, but that's ok. I'm not following any set pattern, just trying to get back into the groove. Maybe I'll purl my next project. ;)

I must show you some pictures I took at my friend Kim's, our monthly knitting night hostess. She really spoils us, I must say, welcoming us each month with candlelight ...


And fun little surprises like lanterns on the deck (she made them!) ...


And a table full of freshly baked goodies ...


Kim always serves the most delicious things, but this month she treated us to Greek Easter specialties ~ like the traditional Tsoureki (a sweet bread baked with brilliant red eggs), and cinnamon rice pudding (recipe on request!) and yummy little crescent cookies all powdery with confectioner's sugar. Friends brought fruit salad and baklava and of course, knitting night is never complete without steaming cups of tea served in beautiful pottery mugs.

After we ate (and ate) we gathered in the living room to knit (and talk) and before we knew it it was almost 11 p.m.! But before we left, Kim had us partake in a fun game, another Greek Easter tradition. Each of us held one of the red eggs in our hands and we went around the room cracking egg onto egg, saying, in turn:

Christos Anestes! Alithinos Anestes! (He is risen! He is risen, indeed!)

The goal was to see who would be left with an un-crackable egg, thereby earning herself a year's worth of good luck. And guess who went home with that egg (and that luck) ... ? :)


Hooray, it was me! I never win anything, so this was a real treat! Can you freeze a hard boiled egg? I really would like to keep it. ;)

Knitting night is so fun; I am blessed to have such a lovely, supportive group of friends. And now I've made myself a small goal for our May circle ~ that my spring scarf will not be in my bag, but draped around my neck! (Weather permitting of course.) And just what will my next project be? Well, I'll have to get myself back to the yarn store sometime soon ...

Thanks so much for stopping by today ~ I hope you had a good Wednesday! See you all again sometime soon. :)

April Smiles ~ Craft Night


In a little while I'll be off to my knitting circle at my friend Kim's. I so look forward to this night each month - there will be cool crafts, hot tea, good food and great conversation; what more could a mum ask for? :)

So I have my new spring bag all packed ~ with my scarf-in-progress, a yummy magazine, and a new book I can't wait to show my friends. All the regular stuff is in there, too: my wallet, calendar, journal, cell phone, lip balm etc.

And speaking of my new spring bag* ...


... isnt it cute? :)


It's not that big a bag, but right now, that's a good thing. I am trying to downsize all my "stuff," because, really, I carry around too much of it. It's not a shoulder-bag, but a tote, and that's ok too. It's light to carry and sits nicely in the front seat of a shopping cart. My coupons and lists etc. seem much more accessible in this kind of a bag. And it was perfect for church this past Sunday!

I'm sure I'll find fault with it somewhere down the road, but for now, my new spring bag really does make me smile. :)

*Now, I feel compelled to mention, I was able to buy this new bag because I had money to burn at Bean's thanks to some recent returns and accumulated coupon dollars. We also got the boys some essentials like pants and jackets. And fisherman vests. ;)

Well, have a lovely evening, my friends. See you all tomorrow!

April Smiles ~ Spring Knitting


I bought this pretty skein of yarn this weekend, envisioning a light scarf for my new spring jacket. Even though spring is - without a doubt - here at last, we can still have cool days now and again.

I haven't knit in a looong time, and I must confess, I have never knit anything more than a scarf. (Though I think there might have been a washcloth once.)

Knitting must be in my blood, though, coming from generations of knitters as I do. I love the look and feel of yarn. I love the motion of the needles in my hands. I have fond memories of the knitting all around me as a child, and it seems Crackerjack does too ...

He was with me at the fabric store Saturday as I meandered through the aisles looking over all the varieties of yarn. He was full of questions (mostly, are we done yet?) and reminiscenses.

"I remember you knitting," he said, fingering a bright red wool skein. "I remember the sound the needles make. Click, click, click."

He handed me the yarn and said, "Will you knit something for me?"

And so, I'm knitting again. :)

What to knit after the scarf, well I have no idea. It's early days yet and I don't want to get ahead of myself ... but I bet I'll find some good ideas in here. (It's arriving today! I've tracked my package incessantly since it left Amazon, lol. I can't wait!)

I do plan to pick up some of that thick red yarn Crackerjack liked so much and set up a little workbasket for him. He likes to work - and learn - with his hands; knitting will be a nice activity for those rainy spring days or hot summer afternoons. I'll start him on fingerknitting, and maybe by the time he's ready for a small project, the needles will seem less like swords and more like the useful hand tools they are. ;)

Have a good Monday, everyone!