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Friday Photos

Sorry I haven't had much time to post this week! It certainly was a busy one, and I, for one, am really glad it's the weekend! :)

So ... any big plans for you and yours? Tomorrow we've got soccer playoffs (did I mention our team earned first place this year?!), a few errands to run and many to-do's to get done ... and then the next day is Pentecost Sunday. If it's a nice day (the forecast is iffy right now) we hope to cook-out. And I might be persuaded to bake something nice. :)

Here are a few pictures from the memory card this week:


Storms moved through just about dinnertime last night.


A slightly blurry, but beautiful, damselfly resting on our herb plants.


Bill spied this handsome brood as he pulled into his office parking lot yesterday.


A Friday task: neatening the pocketbook, readying it for running errands.


Our William Shakespeare rose bush.

Well, I'm off for now ... I hope you all had a nice week, and I also hope you enjoy a safe, happy weekend. See you all again very soon!


Eerie Light, Wicked Night ...

... but a beautiful Ascension Day morning.


We had quite a night here in Massachusetts, with some areas faring much worse than others. Severe storms were rampant across the area, but the real trouble came from multiple tornadoes that tore through the state, causing destruction and death (four confirmed, God rest their souls). We only saw heavy rain, hail and high winds here, but it was a scary evening, I tell you. My prayers this morning are with the people of Springfield and its surrounding towns. The governor has declared a state of emergency and I think many are just in shock; wild weather like this is not the norm for New England.

The picture above was actually taken last night around 8 p.m., just before a final band of storms passed through. The light that flooded the sky was so strange and yet eerily beautiful - a luminescent and pale peachy-gold.


And now it's absolutely beautiful here this morning - clear, dry, fresh. In fact, the next several days promise to be near perfect. I feel very fortunate that I'm looking out at a quiet street, pretty lawns, and solid trees - but my heart goes out to those whose morning does not feel so safe and secure, and especially to the families of those who were lost.

I hope you all have a nice Thursday, my friends. Giving thanks this morning for many things ... including thanks to all of you for stopping by!

Friday Photo


Well, it was a very busy day for the Sun & Candle household -  hence no morning post! - but I had to stop in to say goodnight, and to show you all the pretty winter sunset that greeted me as I left my hairdresser's this evening.

(You have to give Winter credit - it definitely presents the prettiest sunsets all year.)

I wasn't sure the picture would come out, since I took it at such a distance (and through power lines, no less) - but of course, I had to try. Once home I uploaded the shot and asked aloud of Bill and the boys (busy heating up leftovers for supper) ...

"Do you think this picture came out good enough to post on my blog?"

Crackerjack, without missing a beat - without even a peek! - responded:

"Mom, any picture you take is good enough to put on your blog."

Well, how sweet is THAT?


I hope you all had a nice day ... any big plans for the weekend? Will you be watching the Superbowl? Any yummy "game time" recipes to share?

We're expecting (big surprise) messy weather tomorrow, so I'm going to try to run my errands early ... not sure when I'll post again, but it won't be too long.

Thanks so much for stopping by ... I hope you all have a nice night. See you again sometime soon ...

A late day moment ...


I was bustling around the kitchen when Crackerjack called my attention to this afternoon's vivid winter sunset. He thought it looked especially "dramatic" viewed through the "wicked" icicles that hang off the house.

A very wintry view, indeed.

Have a lovely evening, dear readers. We're expecting guests in about an hour. Looking forward to a night of friends, pizza and fun ... 

See you all again sometime soon!


Fish, Ninjas and a Very Pretty Sky

 (Our Sunday @ Home)


Well, I had thought we'd be entertaining this weekend, but those plans didn't pan out, so instead it was a quiet, homey couple of days.

The skies were breathtakingly bright ...


... but the air was bitterly cold! (Apparently tomorrow will bring the coldest temperature we've seen in six years!)

We worked on a little craft that went along with today's Mass ...


... a basket full of foam fish in the cool shades of the sea. This week we'll be writing names down on our "fresh catch." :)

And here's another "craft" I "whipped up" today ...


Lol, Crackerjack has been so into ninjas lately - ever since Lego introduced "Ninjago," a new line of building sets and a weekly television show, to boot - and he's been after me to make him a *white* ninja mask. I finally googled instructions and found a neat site showing how to Make a "Ninja Mask" out of a T-shirt.  It sounded easy enough - and it was! He was very happy with the results.


(Back to work on Lego Digital Designer.)

Bill called my attention to a gorgeous woodpecker outside Earlybird's bedroom window. (I think this one's a Hairy, not a Downey.)


And then, following up on the "fishing" theme, I baked a cake for our Sunday dessert:


I tried a new recipe for this - it came from the back of the King Arthur Cake Flour box. A "Tender White Cake" made with yogurt, egg whites, and natural vanilla as well as almond flavor. It rose beautifully in the oven and the taste is absolutely divine.

Bookworm's pretty excited to sample the Swedish fish - now that he's sans braces, he's able to try gummy candy like this. Once in a while, of course. ;)

And now for a couple of sunset shots ...


... taken on our way home from leaving my van off at the dealer.


It's almost like the sun burns brighter for us at this time of year.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. They go by much too fast, don't they?

Have a good night, my friends - keep warm and stay well - and I will see you all again very soon. :)

Fire in the Sky


Ok, so I've been going a little overboard on the sunrise/sunset pictures lately, but there's just something SO spectacular about the "crepuscular" sky in Winter!

What drew my attention to the blazing dawn this morning, as I sat here with my coffee, watching "Wild Kratts" with my Earlybird, was EB himself ...

"Fire! Fire! It's on FIRE, Mama!!"

He yelled, as he pointed through the sliding doors that lead onto the deck.

Having been here before, I knew he was most likely referring to the sky and not a real neighborhood emergency, lol. I took another sip of coffee before grabbing my camera and snapping a few shots ...

... including some of the gigantic icicles hanging off the back of our house!


It's like we live in an ice castle (or maybe cottage) these days!

This would be a great weekend to A. go sledding and/or play in the snow, B. make hot chocolate and popcorn, and C. watch these movies while munching on said apres-snow treats.

In the midst of all this snow and ice, Spring feels sooo far away ... but we're due for a little January thaw around this time of the month. A little melting before the next storm moves in would be nice ... but looking at the forecast for next week, I don't think we should get our hopes up!

Well, whatever your weather and whatever your plans, I wish you all a Happy Weekend!  

Evening Moment


Sunset, 1/4/11, 4:25 p.m.

Walking through the house, picking up this, putting away that. Listening to the sounds of day's end ... dishwasher's running, heater's humming, a timer's ringing: somebody's "game time" is up. Pulling the blinds in the dining room windows, I'm struck by the scent of paperwhites, and stilled by a soft glow through the trees. This moment I keep to myself.

A pleasant thought before bed ...

"If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God." ~ G. K. Chesterton

What made you smile today?


Morning Moment


Sunrise, 1/4/11, 7:14 a.m.

Enjoying my coffee in bed, surrounded by cotton and down. Listening to my family moving throughout the dark house, starting their day ... a shower's running, a nose is blowing, a toaster's popping, a cat's crying in the hallway. Lifting the blinds we see the sky is on fire, and one by one we stop to admire for a moment ...

From my page-a-day calendar this morning ...

"To engage in the wonder of a child is to engage in the wonder of us all. Wonder is never out of style."

What has you wondering this morning?