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My April Planner - with printable links! ❤


Hello my friends, and Happy Friday! Well, as usual I'm here with but a few hours to spare, sharing some "extras" for your April planning! These pages can certainly be used on their own, but I've color-coordinated them with my monthly planning sheets linked below. (You can find all the planning sheets for 2017 here in this post. I'm adding extra pages as I can - a little additional planning for all those seasonal comforts and joys ... and challenges!)

Ok, so here we go - but while we're at it, we're going to completely IGNORE the white stuff falling steadily - and rather annoyingly - outside my window. It's time to turn our thoughts to spring things ...

April Cover Page

April Month at a Glance (liturgical version here)

April Overview





April Home Learning Sheet

April Review

April Extras:

Natural Spring Cleaning

Spring Yard Work

April's Special Days

April's Seasonal Themes

Easter Prep A

Easter Prep B

Easter Sunday: Planning

Easter Sunday: Remembering

Blank April Planning Page

I'll be working on filling out these pages during my weekend office hours and in a future post will share my own notes and ideas on the above topics. But speaking of "office hours," that PDF should be coming next ...

Nest with Office Hours Agenda

Sorry I couldn't have that ready to share in this post, but the good news is, it IS all done and ready to print so it should only be another couple of days. I'm trying to add some notes on each "agenda item" so the post is taking me a bit longer than I originally anticipated. (Doesn't everything though, lol?)

Spring might be off to a slow start around here, but I just love the shades of April...


Sooner or later we'll see some of that color around here, I have faith. The trees are bursting with buds and the forsythia is ready to bloom and the daffodils are poking up through the ground - hopefully though they'll be wise enough to wait until this latest bout of snow melts under the spring sunshine. If and when that sunshine ever returns! (Looking like Sunday according to my weather app!)

Well my friends, I will let you go now, but as always I thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend and I will see you here again very soon!

My March Planner ... with printable links! ❤


Hello and Happy Monday my friends!

Are you as shocked as I am by how quickly February went by? Honestly, it seems like we were just making butter for St. Brigid and now we're buying daffodils for St. David! Ah well, such is the nature of time ... it marches right along whether we've made the most of it or not!

So on that note, I'm here today to share my March printables with you! These are the seasonal planning sheets I keep in my homekeeping binder, and while some of them I've shared before, I've since added a few fun "extras" for the new month ahead. I hope you enjoy!

March Cover Page

March Month at a Glance Calendar (liturgical version here)

March Overview

Weekly Planning Sheets:






March Home Learning Worksheet

March Review

Spring Term Student GoalsSpring Term Notes

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Celebrating St. Joseph's Day

Celebrating The Vernal Equinox

Spring Cleaning: Week-by-WeekSpring Cleaning Notes

Our Lenten Journey AOur Lenten Journey B

Nature Notes: Early Spring ANature Notes: Early Spring B

Nature Notes: Week-by-Week ANature Notes: Week-by-Week B

Blank March Planning Page

That last link is for a general (lined) planning page in March's theme colors. This way you can add complimentary pages to your planner for planning your own special projects and events in the month ahead. Our you could use it for general notes/journal pages or possibly if you need more writing space for one of the above events/projects.

(Note: ALL the monthly printable planning sheets can be found in this post here. And here is my post with February's extras. I will try to be better about getting the "extras" to you well before the new month begins! And if you have a request or suggestion for a particular monthly planning page let me know. They are very easy for me to make up.)

I do hope you like these pages, but if you're having trouble fitting them into your planning "repertoire," let me know. I think it's easy enough to fill a binder with all these pretty pages - even fill those pages up with notes - but USING them in such a way they make a real difference in your life is a whole 'nother thing. ;) I speak from experience! :) I have really great intentions but it's the routines that get us where we need to be.

I use these sheets so as to fill my family's seasons with the comforts and joys we look forward to each year and I also have pages for planning certain projects and events. For example, April will have some Easter entertaining sheets and Bookworm's graduation party will be one of my June project pages. In May there will be a page for Little Bear's 4th birthday as well as a few sheets revolving around planting our garden.

Another quick note - I like using my planning pages in my homekeeping binder, but as we all know, 3-ring binders are not always the easiest platform for writing out notes. What I usually do is remove the page I'm working on and place it on a clipboard. After I've made my notes I return it to the binder for reference.

Well my friends, thanks so much for stopping by! I'd love to hear if you're using my pages and if so, how they are working for you! Are you storing them in a binder like I am or perhaps in file folders? On a clipboard or having them bound at the copy shop, perhaps? What are you doing with the pages once their week (or month) has gone by? (I keep mine in seasonal storage binders right now.) Let me know if I can clarify anything for you or if any of the links above are wonky. Also, would it help if I did another post showing how I'm using them myself? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday my friends ... I will see you here again very soon!

Spring Cleaning Thoughts

Vintage house clipart

open the windows, let in fresh air

clean the floors, vacuum the rugs

wipe the woodwork, wash the windows

change the linens, turn the mattresses

sweep the doorstep and entryway

rake the yard, 

scrub and shine the sinks

plan and plant the garden


Spring cleaning chores sound so nice on paper, don't they? In reality though, they're darn hard work, and take time we don't often have readily available. Every year I hope to get our spring cleaning done by Easter but that almost never happens. Still, a little a day goes a long way ...

Do you have any spring cleaning plans this year? How do you fit those extra chores into an already busy day/week/month?

Enjoy your Tuesday, my friends ... it's rainy here at the moment, but there's a promise of sun and 60 degrees later today! Maybe I'll get those windows open and let in some cleansing fresh air ... :)

See you here again very soon!

Spring Nesting: Getting things started ...

Ok, I'm pushing things a bit because really, spring is nowhere in sight, but ... Lent has begun and that naturally turns my thoughts to spring cleaning. And though I may be only six months pregnant, my "nesting" instinct has really kicked in! So Wednesday morning, with the sun streaming through the windows, and the screens letting in just a little breeze, I set to work in the learning room ...

My first stop was my reading corner which had become a complete mess.

Lr 13

(Convenient, how I only got the "after" shot, isn't it?)

The chair was pulled out (not by me) and the floor and walls were vacuumed and wiped down. Everything came off the shelves - the books were sorted and the shelves dusted before they were rearranged.

Lr 2

Lr 4

Lr 3

Lr 8

Even when I don't even have time to crack open a book, just seeing them all lined up so prettily is enough. Sometimes. :)

Next, I cleaned up the chair itself and then had the boys push it back into place.

Lr 10

I next sorted the bins in which I keep my reading materials, journaling stuff and weekly file folders ... then I washed down the desktop (oy, was that a mess), under the chair mat (ugh) and organized my end of things ...

Lr 16

(The notebook on top that says, "Nov 2" is indeed my current active journal - the date indicates when I started it, and I've been slow to fill in this one.)

*Meanwhile, Archie enjoyed being right in the middle of things. Natch.*

Lr 7

I cleaned out the seasons corner, and asked the boys to bring the bulk of our winter books back downstairs. I am hoping to get our spring/Lent books organized this weekend. 

These are the seasonal books (and videos) for this week ...

Lr 6

And finally, I started re-working the classroom "calendar" wall.

Lr 14

I love this large family-sized calendar!

Lr 12

I'm tweaking it to reflect liturgical seasons and days that are important to us. (For this post, I'm showing the March calendar because it doesn't have any personal family information on it yet - e.g. activities and schedules, etc.)

After a while the room shone with sunlight and possibility ...

Lr 9

I still have more to do here - the windows all need to be cleaned. Badly. But that task will most likely not involve me ... and the ceiling will need dusting, and floor will need to be washed  ...

But all in good time. :)


(This is where I'm posting to you from, my little corner of the world.)

My friends, when do your spring cleaning urges kick in? Is spring cleaning a part of your yearly routine? Do you schedule it at a particular time, perhaps in accordance with Lent?

I like to spend time over Lent working through a spring cleaning plan - mostly decluttering and general cleaning - and then I spend the first half of Holy Week really giving things a nice polish and airing out. This year will most likely be a little different because I'll be in the last trimester of my pregnancy, so I'm slowing down a bit and getting decidedly less agile! Bill offered to hire someone in to help but - call me crazy! - I just can't do that. I figure I have three able-bodied and energetic young people here who, with a little direction, can help out in numerous ways. Spring cleaning is something I relish - feel free to call me crazy again! - and with a few adjustments and a little forethought, it should continue to be a relatively simple and deeply satisfying endeavor.


I'll be posting more on spring cleaning over the next couple of months, so stay tuned and please share your own thoughts on seasonal cleaning. You know I love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend, everyone - see you here again very soon!

Spring Cleaning: First things First


After writing last Thursday's post - and reading all your great comments so far - I'm determined we will do Spring Cleaning this year!

First thing I did was to inform Bill of my decision. Lol, he just never knows what I'm going to throw at him next. I "sprung" this latest idea on him as he left for work Friday morning - backpack slung over his shoulder, one foot out the door. In response to my announcement I received a pair of raised eyebrows ... but an easy acceptance as well. I also asked for his suggestions for the to-do list, to which he immediately replied: "Gutters." Ah yes, the gutters. Tragic victims of those darn ice dams, they definitely deserve a spot on the list!

The second thing I did was to look at our calendar to see where we might fit in all this proposed cleaning. This will perhaps be our greatest challenge - finding the TIME to clean - and therefore this aspect of the project is still under review. ;)

The third thing I did was to look online for spring cleaning tips. Very simply, I googled "spring cleaning" and found all kinds of links. Here are a few that caught my eye:

Martha Stewart Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning: A Complete Checklist

Organized Home: Five Easy Ways to Welcome Warm Weather

How to Organize Spring Cleaning

A Fresh Start: Natural Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning by Mountain Rose Herbs

And as much as I itched to make up a new notebook, I decided instead, in the spirit of "keeping everything in one place," to keep my spring cleaning notes in my planner. So the fourth thing I did was to add a "Spring Cleaning" tab and some loose-leaf paper to the front "current projects" section of my planner.

So what comes next? Well, most likely reading over those above links, and finding some days (a whole weekend?) to schedule with chores. And then of course, working on the list itself. I'll post more as soon as I can!

Thanks so much for stopping by today ... see you all again very soon. 


Thoughtful Thursday: On Spring Cleaning


"Try it once before you rule it out. It is delightful to begin the new season with a home that's been scoured top to bottom, every drawer emptied, every piece of china washed, every bit of metal polished ... This helps you feel motivated to keep things as pleasant as they are after the spring cleaning. It also means you don't have a dozen big jobs hanging over your head, getting in the way of your free time." ~ Cheryl Mendelson, in Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House

Dear readers, what are your thoughts on Spring Cleaning? Is it something you do? On occasion or every year without fail? Is it something you look forward to ~ do you romanticize it as I do? What's your biggest obstacle to getting it done?

I like having a list of spring chores to work on throughout Lent. It feels good to work a little harder on making our home really shine for Easter Sunday. And deep household cleaning makes practical sense at this time of year, too - we can rake and sweep out of doors, and it's often mild enough to open the windows and air things out.

I thought I'd start a series of posts on the subject of Spring Cleaning. Maybe some more quotes from books, some chore lists and reports on our experiences in spring cleaning at home. Hopefully this might motivate me to actually get it done this year! 

Well, I hope you all had a lovely Thursday. Beautiful weather here today - sunny and 60 degrees! We had the windows open, the boys played in the yard, and the light lingered so nicely till well after suppertime.

Have a nice evening, everyone ... see you again sometime soon.