Thoughtful Thursday Feed

Thoughtful Thursday

"Be kinder than is necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

I've started (yet another) little journal for myself. This one will be solely for storing quotations (and maybe the occasional poem or prayer). As I've blogged these past - nearly five! - years, I often find myself searching for sayings on certain subjects - parenting, seasons, faith, happiness, loss. It's neat to find words that really make you pause and consider their meaning ... and to reflect on how they might apply to your life. So I've started collecting meaningful quotes in this tiny journal and occasionally I'll share them here. :)

At the top of this post is the first quote I wrote in my new journal ... and I find conflicting attributions to this beautiful thought. It was said by either James Barrie (author of Peter Pan) or T.H. Thompson ... or John Watson ... or maybe even Plato! Whoever said these words, I find them quite meaningful and inspiring. I have a few friends whom I deeply admire for their unfailingly kind and forgiving demeanor. No matter the issue they always seem to give the benefit of the doubt, to show a quiet patience and to share a kind smile. There's a certain kind of peace that comes with such kindness - peace given to another and peace felt deep inside. We never know how much that little bit of kindness might mean to someone else - but we'll know what it means to ourselves, and to the young watchful eyes beside us. I want to strive to remember to be more like that. It's not always an impulse to be so forgiving, but with practice I hope it can be.

Oh, I'm feeling a little sentimental this morning ... must be the birthday after-effects, or maybe it's this "new year" I'm heading into. Maybe 42 is a little more mindful than 41? ;)

Well, it's nice to consider such thoughts when the morning is fresh and the household is relatively quiet. My older boys are still sleeping, Bill's readying for work, and Earlybird's running his trains up and down the couch ... I'm nursing my coffee and enjoying a little time online before the day really gets going. Before I log off, here's a picture of the brilliantly white, winter wonderland outside my window this morning ...


Have a lovely Thursday, my friends ... see you again very soon. :)

Thoughtful Thursday

Things I'm thinking about today, the big and the small ...


* The Netflix movie that's been sitting on our kitchen counter since Monday. We've been too tired to watch it!

* Getting us all over this nasty cold, and taking measures *not* to get sick again this winter. 

* My homekeeping binder ~ I'm working on a revamp, planning a trip to Staples this weekend.

* January Nature Study ~ a post in the works.

* These strange dead birds and fish incidents - what's going on?

* A friend of Bookworm's who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last month has been on my mind and in my prayers. Hoping to hear a good update soon ...

Today's quote from my page-a-day calendar:

"The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities." ~ Adrienne Rich

Have a lovely Thursday, my friends ... What has you thoughtful today?