Wordless Wednesday Feed

Wordy Wednesday*

*So named because this post was meant to be wordless but as usual, I can't help myself ...

Ww sun in stairwell

 The stairwell as I walk down to get a second cup of coffee - so pretty, I had to snap a pic! (My first cup was brought to me by Bill - he gets up with Earlybird, I stay in bed with Little Bear.) There are a few moments each day when the rising sun hits the east-facing windows just right and the house floods with morning light. I love this time of the day - a moment filled with quiet, light and promise.

Ww temp reading

 The weather app reading on my phone - it's been a scorching few days here in New England!

Ww red squirrels

 Two of our tiny red squirrels, enjoying seed I scattered on the deck in relative peace - usually they don't care to share!

Ww lesson plans file crate

A close-up of my file crate - love all those snappy folders! - with my homemade lesson planner stashed in back. I am trying to tweak the folders a bit to do more for me this year ...

Ww learning room

Getting things organized in the learning room ... for a day-after-Labor-Day start! I relish this time of year ... need to get maps up, bags organized, books arranged and supplies re-stocked!

Ww baby days

And my little fella. :) He found this "old" toy when we were downstairs at the laundry ... he trucked it upstairs, placed it up on the table, and got himself into a chair so he could play (work). I love how hard he's concentrating here ... :)

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, my friends! See you here again very soon!

Wordless Wednesday (Well, Nearly)



Digging for ornaments ...


Earlybird was a huge help decorating the tree this week! I let him "have at it" and then just adjusted a few "ornament clumps."

(Friends and family, please note the fresh "Christmas buzz" haircut!)


Clearly, this ornament is meant for me. ;)


As suspected, the cats are having a ball with the tree again this year. They enjoy sleeping beneath it, chasing each other around it, and pawing the lower ornaments off it when nobody's looking. Or when somebody is ... they honestly have no shame.


A new ornament this year - so pretty.


Well, good morning, my friends!

I haven't been here in a few days, but that's only because things have been busy and I'm fighting a little cold. But I hope your week is going well! I will post here again just as soon as I can.

Happy 12*12*12!