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Have you considered using almond flour for your breading and other uses? I'm diabetic and control it entirely through diet: I use almond flour (and coconut flour) instead of white or wheat flour - even rice flour spikes my blood sugar, as do all of the other "gluten free" products. Almond and coconut flours have been a godsend, since I love to bake.

There are a lot of neat cookbooks out now that use almond and/or coconut flour for baking - I know you've written that one of your sons has a special diet, and I wonder if this might not be of some use to you.


Hi dawn,
I am looking forward to your pantry post.

Tracy Willis

Can't wait to see a post on the boy's toy room one day! Love your blog!


Thank you for the information, Amy - I am just now starting to investigate alternate flours. I have been happy to find there are many cookbooks available now to help with this, but I especially appreciate hearing "real" experience from readers like yourself!

THank you, Elizabeth and Tracy - my pantry post has gone up, but I will give thought to a toy room post, Tracy. It's such a mess at the moment!

Blessings, all ...
~ Dawn

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