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Vicky in Missouri

Dawn, I have a question about your magazines. You mentioned that you spent some time on Mother's Day clipping things for your journals. Do you read them completely through first and then go back through them later to clip? Or do you clip as you read the first time? And do you clip the newest ones or wait several months? I am trying to get my magazine reading/clipping system organized, as you can see. :)


Ok, see this is the kind of cooking help that I need, and I would LOVE to know how you know to do this stuff! How many chicken breasts? How much broth? Wine? How do you know to do this???
I feel like I need a basic cooking class! Cuz knowledge like this would go a long way toward happiness in my home!!! =)


Thank you for commenting, ladies!

Kristie, I had never made shredded chicken this way before - but we used a recipe for buffalo chicken the other day which was so easy, I just adapted it. I used 1 1/2 lbs. skinless/boneless chicken breasts - placed them on the bottom of the crockpot - and then covered them with 16 oz. chicken broth and a splash or two of white wine. :) Then I added diced onion, a celery stalk and a garlic clove. (Again, going with the original recipe for the most part.) I cooked it on high for 4 hrs. and then removed the chicken to cool and shred. So I just kind of adapted another recipe ... I think the more you cook (and try new recipes), the better "feel" you have for how to cook in general. Does that make sense, lol?

Vicky, I clip the magazines as I read them, because I may not get a second chance to read! I'm a little weird about my magazines - I place them in a certain order in my basket and I work through them systematically. The "best: are saved for last, and since it takes me a while to get through them, an issue can be a month old or more some times. Please let me know if you have any other questions - I absolutely LOVE to talk magazines and journals! :)

Blessings to you both,
~ Dawn


Hi Dawn,
Oh how I wish we lived closer. Just think of all the fun we could have chatting about magazines and journals while we clipped away. Lol I have a grown daughter that is a magazine nut too. Lol Do you clip all your magazines or do you keep some whole? What kind of journals do you use to put your clippings in? What do you do with the recipes you cutout? Did you get the newest Everyday Foods yet? There's a yummy hamburger recipe in there. Oh one more thing. I just love reading Martha Stewarts calendar each month in the front of her magazine. Don't you,
Ok I will close for now. As you know I love to cht bout magazines.
Elizabeth Q

Vicky in Missouri

Elizabeth asked one of the questions I was going to ask. You might as well do a magazine post on your Sun and Candlelight blog! :) (Or maybe you already have in the past?)

One more question .. after clipping everything you want from them, do you recycle or pass them on? I always hesitate to pass on my well-clipped magazines because sometimes there isn't much left to read and I don't want someone to be disappointed at what isn't there, if that makes sense.

And I, too, don't seem to get new magazines read when I first get them. Sometimes it is several months. But I love the anticipation of knowing they are there, waiting to be read.


Oh, Dawn! Thanks for the advice! I guess that means I should figure out where my kitchen is! ;)


Elizabeth, I keep some magazines whole, but only a few ... Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food, The Baking Sheet, and a some of the nicer British craft/home magazines. I used to keep so many, but they just took up so much room! And of course, I never had the time to go back and re-read. I've found it better to clip them up and file those clippings in a more useful way. :)

For journals, I use plain Mead 3-subject notebooks. I like the smaller size because it's easier to handle, store and write in, but the pages can be tricky. I'm forever folding larger clippings in half ... which is fine, but it does tend to make the journals rather bulky. Try as I might, though, I can't seem to switch over to something bigger!

Recipes I file when I have time - but currently I have several folders worth of un-filed recipes. I do have a drawer in my desk with hanging files labeled "salads," "preserves," "beverages," and the like. I just need to make time to sit down and file.

I also add some recipes to my clippings journal, if they're very seasonal. It doesn't really make any practical sense to do so, but it works for me, lol! I just know when there's a little recipe I want to add to my journal, something that will add a little seasonal flavor. (Such as rhubarb liqueur or baked apples.)

The new EF is excellent - they always are! I just photocopied a lemon shrimp and angel hair pasta recipe, and added it to my weeklyfolder. I hope to make it later this week. And yes, I do love the Martha calendar! I always have and I was a little annoyed they changed the format ... but I like all the extra information. I love almost anything "Martha!"

Vicky, I have done posts about my magazines/clipping journals (I think they would be in my "journal keeping" and "magazines" archives) but I think I will do another sometimes soon ... you've got me feeling creative! :D

Also, I do pass on a few magazines, but not ones I've cut up. I pass on British Country Living and People Magazine to my mum ... but she also reads my magazines here when she babysits, so she gets to read them before I've set my scissors to them!

Thank you again for all these lovely comments ... I'm so happy to chat about these "homey" things with you all.

~ Dawn


Thanks Dawn I so enjoy chatting with you about magazines and journal. ish we lived closer. We could have tea and chat all day while we clipped away. LOl
Looking forward to another post on magazines soon.

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