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Tanya W

First, well done BW!! He must be thrilled with his scores :) does this means he's done taking SATs?? (In Canada we don't have them)

Second, I have been there with the stinky garbage and raccoons. We have a similar situation but ours involves lids that don't fit quite right anymore. I keep telling myself I need to add "garbage cans" to my next Home Depot run!!

Hope you had a great birthday weekend!


Well done BW!!! He must be glad that's behind him. Onward and upward!

(I live in fear of SATs - your posts have been so helpful - I'm grateful. I think we'll have Erin take a(n?) SAT prep class as well (when the time comes) - and review Algebra, she's quite a bit ahead in math - your tips have been great - thank you!)


Dawn, it has been a while since you posted on here. Just wondering if you were still going to keep up with it; as I know you are very busy. However, I do enjoy looking over all your ideas about having and keeping a home. You never fail to inspire me! Thank you!


Michelle, funnily enough, I was working on today's post when your comment came in! I didn't mean to be away from this so long, just fell out of habit. :)

Thanks for your kind words!

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