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Bluebirds 1

I know it's very hard to tell from that blurry photo (taken through my less than pristine kitchen window) but those two birds at the suet feeder are bluebirds!! 

I absolutely love bluebirds, but have only ever seen them (in real life) once before - last winter, actually. There was a whole flock of them in our front yard! I was all excited thinking we'd be seeing more of them but that was it ... until today. :)

There was just the pair of them - and they spent a good bit of time in the big tree above the feeders (there was a little squabbling amongst the woodpeckers), but they did dip down to the suet a couple of times.

What a beautiful sight! The younger boys and I were sitting right at that kitchen table, working on our Mardi Gras masks, when I spotted the birds. I love seeing new (or uncommon) birds at the feeders!

Weather: Cold, in the 20s, partly sunny.


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