For Groundhog Day!
Thursday, February 4th

Wednesday, February 3rd

A gray day here - windy and mild, mid-40s but rising into the 50s overnight. Heavy rains moving in ...

A pair of robins hopping under my window at the moment ... flipping wet leaves about, searching for worms, no doubt. And there are lots of juncos under the feeders - my "bird of the year!" They're pecking all over the patio. And a goldfinch at the nyger seed tube - haven't seen goldfinches in a while! They're still sporting their drab winter colors ...

No sign of the snowdrops yesterday, but we'll keep watching! :)

Oh, and guess whom we just spied on our deck ...

Chipmunk on deck in winter

I guess the mild weather woke him out of his winter sleep!


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Oooh, robins! A sure sign that spring is not too far away!


So cute! Good job catching it Dawn :)

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