Friday, February 19th

Red squirrels 1

Red squirrel 1 (1)

Enjoying our little red squirrels on the deck - who are enjoying all the sunflower seed exposed as the snow melts! :)

Oddly enough (and sadly), our bluebirds have not been back since Tuesday. Right after we put put all those mealworms! I'm wondering if they were migrating and never meant to stay on? Lots of other kinds of birds in the yard, though ... juncos, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, cardinals, etc. so really I shouldn't complain!

Weather: clouds moving in, snow on the way for tonight (just a coating), but up in the 50s all weekend!

Saturday, February 6th

Snowy creek

Well that was QUITE a storm! We got several inches of snow and it was quite heavy and wet. Beautiful to look at, but dangerous, too. We lost power Friday afternoon - and it's still not back yet! Such is the price to pay for living where there are lots of tall trees ...

We're keeping warm though, and enjoying the "snow globe" scenery all around us. It's actually quite a beautiful day - bright sun, cold air - and apparently there's more snow on the way this week!

So pretty to watch the birds at the feeders and of course, we'll be keeping our eyes open for more tracks in the yard. Shown in the picture above is a creek near our home ... it looked so lovely as the sun rose behind it. We had to pull over and take a snap!