Monday, February 1st

On this soft gray morning, it feels a bit like Spring ... And in fact, February 1st, St. Brigid's Day, marks the start of the Celtic Spring. And while that might work over there, here in New England, the first of February generally feels NOTHING like Spring. We are usually in the hard and fast grip of Winter at this time of year, but ...

It's quiet and mild out there, and the sky is brightening slowly.

• I'll wake the boys in a bit with "Rabbit, rabbit!" A must on the first of each month!

• We'll look around the yard today for signs of Spring and some "straw" (dried ornamental grass) with which to make our Brigid's crosses. We might even peek along the front stone wall and see if we spy any snowdrops budging the earth ... Candlemas Bells, they are also called!

• Wonder what the groundhog will say tomorrow?

Sunday, January 31st

Hairy moss

Morning walk down to get the paper and take trash out with R. Found some very interesting moss growing along the stone staircase out back! It looks like it's growing hair! (And crazy hair at that.)

Also found this morning, wonderful for the last day of January:

The days are short

The sun a spark,

Hung between

The dark and dark.

("January," John Updike)