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A very Happy 40th Birthday to you, Dawn! It seems I am in good company -- my birthday was on the 10th.

I appreciate your blog friendship so much. I would be hard pressed to count the number of activites in our homeschool, and the books on my shelf that have been inspired by you. Thank you for sharing your ideas and yourself with all of us in blogworld.

God Bless You!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Dawn! You truly are an inspiration to me! Thank you so much for sharing of yourself with the blog world. You have made a difference in my life. Often times, I think of you as a friend...even though we have never spoken. May God richly bless you on this day and always.

Happy Birthday! You continue to inspire me every time I log on. I have not yet made the Big Decision about homeschooling... but you make it look like such fun, I may just have to give it a try!

God bless you and yours.

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :)

Turned 40 nearly two years ago and have enjoyed my 40s tremendously so far, may you do as well.

A Very Happy Birthday!

I love reading your blog and, while we don't homeschool, it has definitely been a reminder of how important the role of a mother truly is to her children. My life, and my children's, has been touched very profoundly by your kindness and dedication to your family.

God bless!

Happy birthday Dawn!! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You are a blessing to so many! Prayers for all wonderful things this year. Love,

Happy Birthday, Dawn!

You are an inspiration to so many people, including those you've never met. (Like me!) Thank you for sharing your homeschooling plans, ideas and successes. In the quiet hours of the morning, as I prepare for my day, I sometimes like to sip my coffee and read your blog.

May all your birthday wishes come true!

Happy 40th Dawn!!!

Many happy returns of the day! Your blog has been such a blessing to me. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into it!

Happy Birthday! I have LOVED being in my forties and I hope the years are as good to you as they have been to me. Thanks for sharing yourself and your family with so many.

Oh, Happy 40th Birthday, Dawn!

How blessed you are to have such a sweet family. Thank you for sharing all your ideas with us through your blog. I've gleaned so many ideas that have helped my little homeschool.

Have a wonderful birthday! I also turn 40 this year, and I'm finding I can't way. 40 ROCKS!
Jen in Maine

Happy Birthday, Dawn! I have to tell you,when I started to read Bill's message, I thought, "hey, Dawn's a couple years older than me.". Then I realized that I turn 40 this year too. Enjoy celebrating this day with your boys and your 2nd-best-husband-ever!

Oh, Dawn, Happy Birthday! You are such a treasure and joy to so many paople, not just your husband and your sons andthe rest of your IRL family and friends. So many of my blogging friends *know* you, and we all love you! have a wonderful day, my friend. And welcome to the club!

Have a lovely birthday Dawn, and here's to many more years of your wonderful blog. I love taking a peek into your life every day! With love from across the ocean here in England.


Happy 40th birthday. More candles means you can make an even bigger wish.

Love, Kemys

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! My mornings just aren't complete without checking in to see what interesting ideas you are sharing. My daughters (teens you know) roll there eyes when I say something like, oh, my blog friend vacationed where we used to go ( I swear we have the same tree in our photo of that NH campground - the name escapes must need more coffee..), or she likes Ina Garten too (OMG you met her?!) anyhoo, have a wonderful day and thank you for everything!

Happy 40th birthday. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

A very Happy 40th Birthday to you Dawn (been there, it does not hurt at all ;)! Your blog is very inspiring and a lot of fun to read.

Happy Birthday Dawn! You are a beautiful lady, inside and out! I enjoy keeping up with your blog. I'm a list maker, binder loving, journaling mom too!

May God continue to bless you and your family with health and serenity!

Happy 40th, Dawn, from an older (but surely not wiser) friend! Don't worry--it just gets better & better from here. :)

Happy Birthday Miss Dawn!

More than once your lovely blog has breathed life into our homeschool. You are such a blessing to many. Thank you for being such a giver.

Bless you, your loving husband and beautiful family.

Happy Birthday to someone who is an important part of my morning routine. (Thank you Bill for buying that new computer!) Being over 40 myself, I can tell you it only gets better and better. Enjoy the journey! Blessings to you and your family.

Happy,happy birthday Dawn. You are such an inspiration and deserve the very best. May God bless you on this special day.

Happy Happy Birthday Dawn!

Happy Birthday Dawn! I have only recently found your blog, but enjoy it a great deal. The 40s are a great place to be... I am 47 and still lovin' it. Not sure about 50 though LOL

As a nervous new mother of a very young son (now with another on the way in just a few months), I have found such peace through your blog. To "watch" you raise your sons into kind, sensitive, and thoughtful men has been a true inspiration. Wishing you a wonderful and love-filled birthday.

Happy 40th Dawn! I will soon be following you in this milestone myself. Thank you so much for providing me beauty and inspiration so many mornings this past year!

I also just turned 40 this month. Happy Birthday to you! I enjoy you blog so much. I can't tell you how much our family has changed since reading about your life with your family. You have breathed a fresh breath of life into us. I feel I have become a better mom because of you and your ideas. We are also homeschoolers and voracious readers. Tell Bill that we also are in the same boat 1/3 grocery, 1/3 books/ ed. material. Although, I would hate to figure out how much I have spent on either!lol.
You have such a wonderful husband to take the time to put together this special post! God has richly blessed you, my friend.
Happy Birthday from a fellow homeschooling mom,

Happy birthday Dawn! I love reading your blog and picking up great ideas from you. You're wonderful and I hope you have a fantastic day.

Happy Birthday Dawn! Thanks for all the inspirational posts! I love your blog and don't go a day without checking it. :)

Happy 40th Birthday, Dawn! Not only do you inspire us through your blog, we are all so blessed each time we get together with you during our homeschool group activities. Yes, you are just as cheerful in person as you are on your blog and we all love you for it. What a great husband and wonderful family you have. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Dawn!!! From a lurker that has enjoyed your blog for some time!! Thank you for sharing...enjoy your day!
Sandy in PA

"happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you" musical notes are not available on these comments! Hope you day is a great one.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAWN!! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I so look forward to reading your blog everyday. You bless my little world in many ways!
Much love and many prayers,

Happy Birthday, Dawn, from all of us! May your next 40 years be blessed, peaceful, and happy! :-) It was a joy to be able to meet you and your family in real life, and I hope that we will be coming your way again soon. :-)

Many blessings to you on your birthday dear! You are such a lovely friend and blogging inspiration. I hope your day is as bright and lovely as you are!

Happy Birthday Dawn!

I've been a lurker on your blog for quite some time now and it has been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your cheerful spirit!

Happy, happy birthday! Your ideas and organization and genuine joy in your life and family make you a treasure to read. Thanks!

Just wanted to say -- Bill did a great job with the photo album. What a guy :-)

Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday Dawn! Have a blessed day and thank you for your blog.

Happy Birthday, Dawn! I love your

Happy Birthday!! You are such an inspiration to me. My son just turned 3 and I have hopes of homeschooling him. I consider myself somewhat organized, but am learning TONS from you. I love your blog!
Thank you and Happy Birthday!@

Happy Birthday Dawn! You are always an inspiration to me! Around my house you are known as "Boston Dawn" so that my Husband knows who I am speaking of when I am sharing another one of your great ideas with him!

Happy Birthday Dawn! I have been reading your blog for awhile. Our family has been homeschooling for years but we are new Catholics. Your blog always inspires me to reach higher. Thanks for the great example.

Happy Birthday, Dawn. What a sweet idea from your husband. I hope you have a lovely day today!

Happy Birthday Dawn!!! I love your blog and check it daily!! Thanks for all the inspiration!! God Bless you and your family!!

Gina in Chicago

Happy Birthday! By the way, I nominated you for an award for being a Kreativ blogger.

God bless you on your special day!

Happy Birthday Dawn! My favorite way to start my day is by reading your blog. You have really inspired me to celebrate the holidays and seasons more with my boys. And I love your book basket suggestions.

I'm also turning 40 this month - on the 21st instead of the 12th. I didn't know we had that in common also. :-)

And Bill - I would say Dawn is a pretty lucky girl too.

Happy Birthday Dawn! Enjoy your day! Thank you for your lovely blog -- I read it everyday.

I agree with your husband that he is a lucky man, but...given what I see here, you are a blessed woman! Happy birthday, Dawn!

Happy 40th, Dawn! I pray you have a day full of blessings... if Bill's early morning blog surprise is any indication of what's in store for you, I'm sure it will be a terrific birthday. I hope you enjoy every bit of it and I'll look forward to seeing lots of pictures later this week.

Happy Birthday Dawn ! At 11.45am, forty years ago, a wonderful gift came into our lives. The joy of raising you and watching your life grow and bloom has been a gift that keeps on giving, as the saying goes! We love you, my dear girl. Have a wonderful day and we will see you later today!! Love, Mum & Dad


I hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous year. May God bless you abundantly as you bless of all of us with your joyful spirit!

Mary Chris

Happy Birthday Dawn! I love sitting down and reading your blog with my coffee each morning.

Happy Birthday Dawn!!! As the mother of three boys myself, I can not be grateful to you enough for your blog. Your creativity in bringing the Catholic faith alive for your boys has inspired me to do the same. I have used so many of your ideas! You are a gift to so many people who haven't even met you. We all thank God for you today - on your birthday!! Michelle From Indiana

Happy Birthday, Dawn!! And thank you for sharing so much with all of us! Your writing is so uplifting!

Happy Birthday Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Birthday! 40 was not as bad as I thought. The boys all say Happy Bday, too. Hope to see you soon.

Happy Birthday Dawn! For me the 40s have been the BEST YEARS so far! Have a fabulous day and give your sweet husband a big hug.

Happy, happy birthday Dawn, thanks for making us a small part of your very rich life! Oh, and by the way, it's all downhill from here! ;-) What a sweetly done album by your dh! I look forward to being enriched by your blog for a long, long time to come!

Happy Bithday, Dawn!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us and have a great day.

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful picture tribute to a wonderful person, God Bless You on your wonderful day!

How very clever of your dh! Happiest of birthdays, thank you for sharing yourself with us, and come on into 40, the water's fine!

Happy birthday, Dawn! I so enjoy your blog and the many new inspirations you bring to our homeschool. Hope you have a very wonderful day!

What a neat idea. Happy Birthday, Dawn! Though I haven't comment before, I just had to tell you that I really enjoy your blog. It often brightens my day and has inspired me in my homeschooling endeavors. Blessings!

happy Birthday! Life over 40 is wonderful -- I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Hey Dawn-- I was just telling a friend this past week that there are very few blogs that I absolutely don't miss on a daily basis. Yours is one of the two!! (You share this distinction with Elizabeth Foss.) I enjoy your posts and the inspiration you provide so much-- thanks for inspiring me on the days I don't feel like putting effort into being a wife, mom, homeschooler and homemaker. I need the daily prodding that your blog provides.

Keep up the good work but first-- have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy 40th! I've gleaned so much inspiration, comfort and great ideas from your blog -- may your next 40 years be just as wonderful!

Happy Birthday Dawn. I just "left" 40 the other day. Have a blessed year.

Birthday, Dawn. What a sweet dh! I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

Happy 40th Dawn! I enjoy your blog so much -- I'm always so inspired and hopeful after reading. Have a lovely day!

Happy Birthday, Dawn! What a sweet gift your husband has given us to be able to share in your day. You are such an inspiration to me. I also am the mother of three boys and have used so many of your ideas! You are a dear friend to so many people who haven't even met you. May God bless you abundantly this year!

Michelle in FL

Happy birthday dear Dawn!

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!

Happy Birthday. I love reading your blog. Your writing has helped me embrace a more creative attitude towards homeschooling my little ones. You've given all of such wonderful ideas, insights, and yes of course, ways to become more organized.
God Bless...The Ipp Family

Although I've never left a comment before (I've been reading your blog for some time now), I have to today because of your husband's wonderful idea!
Thank you for blogging, as a homeschooler, I find your posts inspiring. And we've checked out many of your book basket suggestions from our library :o)
Enjoy your day and the year ahead!

Happy Birthday!

Life truly does begin in an entirely fresh way at 40. :)

Happy birthday, Dawn! Thanks so much for sharing your family with us through your blog!

Happy 40th Birthday Dear Dawn! I have so enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures you post. Thank you for sharing your vision, giving us a look into your sweet, precious world, and for inspiring mothers everywhere! May God bless you and your family this day and always!

Happy Birthday!

I've never commented before, but thanks a million for your blog. I am not a born organized person, but your way of planning resonates with me. It has/is really helping me to be the cozy/happy mom that I want to be for God and my family.

May God Bless you abundantly on this day and always!

In Christ,

Happy Birthday, Dawn from Montana! You have inspired me through your lovely blog. God bless you!


Happy Birthday, Dawn! What a beautiful way for your husband to show you how much you are loved. Thank you for all the information and inspiration to pass along to us. Just last night we were looking at the BIG moon because of you, I knew why it was big. May your year be richly blessed. Christa

Happy 40th!! Thank you so much for your blog. I find so much to feed on and so many wonderful are a blessing!

Happy Birthday, Dawn!!!!

Happy Birthday wonderful Mama .. thanks for all your inspiration.
Denise - in a very wet and cold UK

Happy Birthday! Dawn, what a beautiful pictures and memories! Have a wonderful and blessed birthday with your 4 adoring men!

God Bless!

Happy Birthday Dawn from Daytona Beach, FL!
Enjoy your day!!! Thank you for your lovely blog.

I commented before I saw those pictures. Dawn, you are a beautiful person inside and out. Your husband was so sweet in his comments. Happy Birthday, dear friend.

Happy Birthday Dawn-I hope it's the greatest ever!

Happy Birthday Dawn! Many thanks for all the inspiration you bring to us!

Happy Birthday, Dawn..You have so helped me get out of the homeschool blahs on days..Thank you...Happy Birthday from The good ole state of Alabama......


Happy Birthday. Here's wishing you a wonderful day (week).


Happy Birthday!!! lois

Happy Birthday Dawn! Thank you for sharing your life and the goings on of your household with the rest of the world. I come to your blog daily for inspiration in homeschooling, organization, craft ideas, and sometimes just a pick me up. Your blog is like a warm hug. I don't think a day goes by that I don't say to my husband "Dawn recommended..." and then have to explain to him who you are yet again. You have touched so many people without ever meeting most of them.

God Bless you and your family!

Happy 40th!! You are an inspiration and I love reading your blog. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Dawn!! Thanks for sharing so much of your life with all of us!

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and feel loved on and spoiled by your sweet family!

What a beautiful family, and what a beautiful lady. Dawn, I come by your "place" everyday for a dose of beauty, grace and inspiration. If I could pick only one blog to visit everyday, it would be yours, hands down. Your influence spans into other countries: we're in Canada! My husband and children know who "Dawn" is! My family is better for "knowing" you, and I am too.
I hope to spend many more years 'by Sun and Candlelight'!

God bless you on your fortieth birthday and always, Dawn!

Happy 40th birthday, Dawn! May this year be full of more blessings of faith, family and home that you so clearly love. Blessings on you this day and may your celebration be sweet and full of lots of laughter!


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