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April 23, 2006



What a great, masculine tea set!

And thank you for mentioning St. George - he is my patron saint for the year and I didn't realize it was his feast day (I got very caught up in Divine Mercy Sunday this year for the first time and have thought of little else lately!)


Another great post, Dawn. I am off to brew myself and the littles a good pot of tea now. It's the perfect comfort on a drenchingly rainy day!

(Thanks for mentioning the Joyous Easter Tea post, by the way!)


A great and informative post, Dawn. I am currently hooked on Celestial Seasonings China Pearl White tea and my kids are into Morrocan Pomegranite Red Rooibos tea. They call it "Monkey tea" because it has a picture of a monkey on the box!


Dawn, what a wonderful post! You really brought a smile to my face. Thank you also for directing tea lovers to my blog. You are a sweetie!

Elizabeth Foss

I love the candle in the picture with the tea set. Is it beeswax? Where did you find it?


Hi Elizabeth,

Yes it's beeswax. I got it at a sheepshearing fair we went to on Earth Day. The bee farmer is a very nice man (can't remember his name) from Valley View Acres, Westfield MA (413) 568-3856. They had a lot of designs but this one just stood out from the rest (I love Celtic crosses). :)

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