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May 12, 2006



What a lovely poem. I'll have to watch our mourning doves more closely!


That is fascinating about the sentry duty behavior. Thanks!

Alice R

HEY! We saw one today and after reading your blog I knew what I was looking at! I was yelling "it's a dove!" Everyone was very impressed with my knowledge (hee hee). I clicked on your link and the sound the bird makes...we have a lot of that noise all night. I had no idea what kind of bird made that noise. Thanks for the great post!


Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Alice, I am positively giddy I helped you i.d. a dove in your yard! Don't you just love that sound? :)

Alice R

I should add that we also knew "that yellow bird" was a goldfinch because I saw that on your blog too. We just moved here and have forest behind us so we are having fun finding out who is who in our backyard. We found an ENORMOUS nest in a pine tree...I'm waiting to see if you post what that is! Have a blessed day!


Alice wrote:

"We found an ENORMOUS nest in a pine tree...I'm waiting to see if you post what that is!"

LOL, Alice! Well, if it's *really* big, it *could* be a squirrel's drey (see my post "More Than You Need to Know About Squirrel Dreys") ... :)

It's a blessing to live near woods as you end up seeing a lot more than you would in an average yard (that's been our experience anyway).

I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog. :)

Alice R

You guys have been such an inspiration with your blogs that I got a Typepad account (which is much easier than Homeschool Blogger). I have NO idea what I'm doing but you can now see who is posting comments about birds. (smile)

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