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January 02, 2007



I say definitely foxes!!! We see lots of coyotes around here.


That is definitely a fox. Coyotes are bigger and scruffier, and they aren't that pretty red color -- they're kind of a dusty brown color. (I'd say they're about the size of a German Shepherd.)

Foxes are usually pretty shy, though. Unusual to see two!


Cast my vote for foxes. I have seen lots of coyotes and they don't look as nice and pretty as these critters.


Foxes. Definitely foxes.


Yup. Red Foxes.


I would say foxes! By the way, I really enjoy your website! You really inspire me!

Heather - NY



I have never seen a coyote... but I have seen tons of foxes... and THAT my friend... is most definitely a fox. No question about it. FOX.

Debbie M

I agree with foxes too. I have had the ahem, pleasure of seeing too many coyotes (in AZ).


Beautiful foxes! Very brave though, out maruading about the bird feeders.


Ok, if you all are certain they are foxes I will take your word for it. I live across from a Dept of Conservation and Recreation area, and we have seen coyotes several times. I thought they were foxes at first myself, then decided coyote due to their size. They were large, the size of a medium dog, and in person were more brownish gold than red. They had no trouble climbing/jumping over our 6 foot fence, too! Whatever they were, they were beautiful and certainly made our first day back to school exciting!!


They are foxes! We have them in our yard a few days each month year round. We usually don't see more than one at a time, unless it was a mom and a few little ones we saw once.

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