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May 03, 2007




It looks to me like a garter, although I am not certain... http://www.ozane.com/profiles/gartersnake.html

Our cats used to kill them on my dad's hobby farm, back East. Your blog is lovely BTW!


Run over by the garbage truck?


This is definitely a garter snake. Most likely a bird got it and couldn't hold on. An animal would have eaten it, or at least chewed it up a bit more.
We once found a fish with talon marks on the ground in front of the nature center we go to, most likely dropped there by an eagle. I guess it's too much work for a bird to look for something they lose hold of.


Poor guy .. looks like an injury that may have been caused by a lawnmower blade. It happened here last summer when my husband didn't see the snake in time. Was someone recently mowing in the neighborhood? If that is what happened, your snake there probably crawled under the trash cans to hide and die in peace. I am so anxious to explore your blog. I did a search on May's flower moon and blue moons and ended up here. I see you have another (love that name!) and am hopeful to find time to explore there too. I write about nature quite often too on my young blog. Nature, outdoors and weather .. life's best! :)


That i think is a garden snake. They are usually harmless unless your friend has one for a pet and you get a neat idea to put a ring on it to make it look pretty. But i ain't smart, nor am i sherlock, but i think that a dog or a bird got a hold of it. (Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, i hate snakes.)


Hi everyone! Thanks for commenting on my poor dead snake. I agree he was a garter. I hope there are more - I think they are lovely. :)

As for his demise, I think it could have been any of the things you all mention. We do have a marauding neighborhood cat that could have done it, and we do have hawks, owls and crows and such, too. The lawnmower thing could be, too. We use a reel mower and haven't actually mowed yet this spring, lol, but my neighbor is *always* mowing his yard. If the snake got caught, our bins would not have been far for the snake to crawl.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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